Safety Officer Course in Chennai

  • Our Safety course covers every aspect of health safety and environment by various dimensions.
  • Many number of candidate choose occupational health and safety course in Chennai on account of job openings in many companies throughout the world.
  • After completing the health safety and management certification course candidates gets placed in reputed organizations in India and abroad.
  • Our large portfolio of safety certification courses, which are at par with global standards, include NEBOSH, Auditor course, IOSH, RoSPA, CPD, government approved diploma and several other industry-specific training courses.

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    Why Green World Group Safety Institute in Chennai ?

    • Green World Group offers professional support to HSE experts in successfully developing knowledge and practical understanding through internationally acknowledged health and safety training such as NEBOSH, IOSH, Safety Diploma, CPD & RoSPA approved HSE Course and Safety Auditing certifications.
    • State-of-the-art coaching with individual attention making best out of you.
    • Courses are available through classroom, distance and e-learning modes
    • Courses are well designed to meet the modern safety, health and environment needs.
    • Best coaching methodology is adopted and designed by international-repute tutors supported by well-researched study materials that include audio and video presentations, printed matters and case studies along with interactive session and group discussions with delegates.
    • High success rate in creating more numbers of quality HSE professionals
    • Cost-effective health and safety courses with best supportive infrastructure

    Safety Officer Course in Chennai


    NEBOSH International General Certificate (NEBOSH IGC) offers global recognition to those who wish to pursue career as workplace safety, health and environment (HSE) specialists.


    The course is one of the many such training programmes offered by a UK-based institution whose prime intention is to create awareness among working community around the world on various sources of hazards, health risks and environmental degradation related to occupations.

    Nebosh Safety Course in Chennai

    NEBOSH IGC training is provided by the accredited centre of Green World Group in Chennai. The HSE training enables employees and students to enhance their working knowledge and skills to maintain safety environment, and promote healthy habits among employees to lead healthy life. The training programmes make participants aware of various types of occupational safety and health risks associated with different industrial work environments and finding effective ways to tackle them.

    Who can join?

    NEBOSH-IGC is a perfect qualification for working professionals including managers, technicians, supervisors, or representatives of employees who are responsible for creating congenial and safe work surroundings for their co-workers and for safeguarding machinery. Though there is no minimum qualification mandatory for students to take up this course, it is enough that if they have basic understanding on the necessity of creating safe and healthy work environment throughout the world.


    Enquire NowNEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) in Occupational Health and Safety


    The NEBOSH International Diploma is an ideal qualification for aspiring health and safety experts building upon the foundation provided by the NEBOSH International General Certificate, though not a mandatory pre-requisite.


    It equips students to handle any kind of workplace safety, health and environment issues anywhere in the world.
    NEBOSH International Diploma


    Enquire NowNEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety


    The PSM course by Green World Group gives the candidates the advanced technical knowledge of “high hazard” in Health and safety inclusive of strong knowledge and skills in NEBOSH of Occupational Health and Safety.


    The PSM Course is created for the candidates, to provide the depth knowledge of accepted principles and recognized industrial practices for the management of process risk. This gives an assurance for the candidates to recognize and control over the safety hazards.


    Enquire NowNEBOSH HSE Certificate In Process Safety Management


    IOSH course are created in order to make the students and professionals learn and get the knowledge about dangers in workplace, identification and formalization of effective preventing system and establishing proper health and safety measure.


    Green World Group offers the following IOSH Course in Chennai


    Enquire NowIOSH Managing Safely

    Lead Auditor Course in Chennai

    The certification can help delegates improvise their skills as auditors and can achieve recognition as an certified lead auditor in their career.

    The courses also help to shine their expertise to perform first, second and third party audits of complete management system and assess the compliance standards by using international management tools.

    Green World Group provides the following Lead Auditor Course:

    ISO 9001:2015

    The ISO 9001: 2015 Lead Auditor Course, develops the necessary knowledge and skills for conducting full audit Quality Management System (QMS) in any organization

    Enquire NowISO 9001: 2015

    ISO 45001:2018

    ISO 45001:2018 gives the specific requirements for Occupational Health and Safety management system, also provides the guidance for its use and enables the organizations, to main safety culture at workplace by means of preventing accidents and illness in health at workplace and also by improving the occupational health and safety performance.


    Enquire NowISO 45001:2018

    Other Safety Auditing course


    The EMS course gives the knowledge of both the theories and practical for effective environmental management in all business sectors, people and other public organizations and also broader society.


    In this course, the students are taught how to implement the environmental management tools and where to use relevant knowledge, and to find the solutions for environmental problems which affects the society.

    Some of the problems are:

    • Environmental planning
    • Environmental management systems (EMS)
    • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
    • Life cycle assessment (LCA)
    • Environmental assessments (EIA and SEA)
    • Eco-design


    Enquire NowEnvironmental Management & Sustainability – ISO 14001:2015( UKAF,CPD-UK )


    Green World Group provides ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Integrated Management System internal audit Training course aids you in understanding the structure and the requirements of these international standards.


    This syllabus of course will provide an way to understand the benefits of integrated management system in your facility. This Integrated Management System approach provides an organization to use and get benefits of the multiple international standards with efficient, streamlined and individual tailored in the system of management.


    Enquire NowIntegrated Management System – ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018

    CPD Certified Safety Course in Chennai

    CPD training is, the learning activity which should meet the requirements standards and benchmarks of Continuing Professional Development. In order to assure the integrity and quality, the learning value has been examined. The CPD Certification Services gives an recognized independent CPD accreditation compatible also with the global CPD requirements.
    Green World Group provides the various courses which are as follows:


    HAZWOPERM – Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Management


    HAZWOPERM by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) study program has been developed in order to protect the workers from hazardous sites. Their regulations are made by means to ensure the health and safety if it implemented properly.


    Enquire NowHAZWOPERM, UK


    MOC – Management of Change in Process Safety


    The main objective of MOC study programme is to assure whether all the changes to every process are reviewed properly and the hazards introduced by the changes are been identified, analysed and controlled before resuming the operation. It seems to be quite simple concept but it is one among the difficult element in Process Safety Management to implement it effectively.


    Enquire NowMOC in Process Safety, UK


    BBSM – Behavior Based Safety Management


    BBSM works along with the organization in order to create and implement the custom safety solutions with the help of BBS.
    BBSM is a magic solution to all which are ailed with safety programs.


    Enquire NowBBSM, UK


    Green World Group offers a range of e-Learning courses in partnership with Human Focus International, all courses and the Learning management System are UK approved by RoSPA.
    ROSPA involves in promotion of safety, preventing the accidents. It also provides advices, information and resources in order to prevent accidents everywhere.
    ROSPA course provided by Green World Group are :

    Accident Investigation

    The accident investigation course is apt for people like safety and health advisers/officers, safety managers another people who are entrusted in responsible of investigating accidents.


    Enquire NowAccident Investigation, UK

    First Aid Awareness

    This course is designed by means of not only making employees encouraging the necessity of first aid at workplace and also to get knowledge about how should one respond.


    Enquire NowFirst Aid Awareness, UK

    Fire Safety

    This course gives an overview of Fire Safety. What action should be taken in workplace if there occurs fire. After the completion of this course, the candidates will be able to understand the fire extinguishers at work , understand fire and safety in industry etc.


    Enquire NowFire Safety, UK

    Permit to Work

    A “permit to work” is nothing but standard system which, states what and when work should be done and safe parts of the work .


    Every work done at workplace should be assess and monitored by responsible person. It gives the permission to workers know about the nature of work and the risk involves in work and the necessary precautions to be taken during the time of risk.

    Permit to work course gives introduction about role and function of a permit to work (PTW) system to all employees and also it explores about the roles and responsibility of all employees right from frontline workers to site managers.


    Enquire NowPermit to Work, UK

    Lifting Operations

    This is mainly designed for lifting supervisors, and also for safety representatives who are responsible for investigating accidents.


    Enquire NowLifting Operations, UK


    People who deal with food are more concerned with food safety and it is the first priority to them. Our students are trained with more concept relevant method which helps then to learn the safety procedures, regulations, standard hygiene and pest control practices. This leads the candidates gaining necessary knowledge and operational skills to run the food handling business successfully.
    Green World Group provides HACCP courses which ensure that the candidates will attain maximum knowledge about food safety management, implementing the practical knowledge of what was learnt during the course period by assessing, monitoring, controlling and reviewing every procedures of food safety at workplace.

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