13th October, 2018 International Day for Disaster Reduction

13th October, 2018 International Day for Disaster Reduction

UN General Assembly designated this day to promote a global culture of natural disaster reduction, including disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness.

International Disaster Reduction Day gives an opportunity to remember that the prevention, mitigation and preparedness are the major key elements to reduce materialdamage,suffering,and loss of liveswhich are caused by disasters.

Government,NGOs,many academic communities, international organizations, local communities and media plays an essential role in promoting safety measures to get rid of disaster reductions.

The first thing is to educate people, and that too for youngsters who are the building of nation – about disaster and its impacts on our lives.

In order to migrate the risks of natural hazards like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, volcanic eruption, tsunamis, storm, landslide, Heavy rainfall, wildfire etc… Public must be informed regarding the danger and protective measures which are available and should be taught on prevention skill.

this way the society get the basic and practical knowledgewhich the communities should have in order to confront natural disaster’s danger and ways to survive with less number of loss to human life

Many recent events have shown that every societyis much vulnerable to natural hazards.This shows that, International Disaster Reduction Day is a reminder of common challenges faced by human, and also a call for sustained common action by international community to meet them up.

Knowledge management helps to reduce and sustain at the time of natural hazard by :

Education on sustainable development – risk disaster reduction in school, university, and PG level.

Formal and informal training.

Creating awareness to public by media and risk reduction ondisaster management

Civil society’s voice on disaster risk reduction.

Green World Group, promotes and encourages the well-being of people by providing health, safety, Environmental & Risk Management Training Courses which maintains the safety culture and reduces the number of hazards like accidents etc… at work place. As the safety society is the happy one, which together creates a healthy nation.

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