International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer – 2018

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer – 2018

Every year “WORLD OZONE DAY” is celebrated on 16th September, in order create awareness about importance of ozone layer and to preserve the ozone layer from depletion. It is celebrated throughout the world in many places like schools, colleges, media and other organizations by arranging for speeches, seminars to create awareness among the students and public. This day is meant for the well- being of the earth. Many campaigns are being made by government and other private sectors in very large scale in discussing about this crucial problem by insisting to limit the production and release of harmful gasses throughout the world.

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

It’s been celebrated since 1994, to increase the awareness about global warming and knowing the consequences of ozone depletion. All are advised to cut down the emission of harmful gases which causes environmental issues. And many people have come forward in doing this and they do motivate other people in raising awareness by doing wide range of activities like campaigns internationally on this occasion. Many non –profitable organizations do rallies by spreading awareness among people by many popular slogans relevant to save earth etc.

Even many youngsters create and promote the theme of ozone day and its importance using social media to preserve ozone layer. They share the famous quotes, pictures and facts regarding environmental protection and ways to preserve the world from ozone depletion.

Ways to protect our earth:

On this ozone day we should practice to cultivate more number of trees, which helps in minimization of ozone depletion.

It’s quite good to use organic products and avoid the products which cause depletion of ozone layer.

Our focus on environmental problems should be from our surrounding to world level.

People should obey the government rules and follow the positive practices in saving the earth.

People and organizations are advised to buy fire extinguishers’s ingredients before buying them, products which contain aerosols, CFC should be avoided.

Pesticides which have the capacity of damaging the ozone should be banned. And go for eco-friendly products.

Ozone depletion has become one of the major issues now a day, and this is the reason behind the irregular climate changes. Since our earth is protecting us with its various natural resources each individual should take responsible to save our mother earth. If we fail in protecting the environment today, our future generation will face hell -being in earth. Let us join together to save our earth from ozone depletion and follows the ways which protects our ozone. It’s time to follow organic and be green and go green.

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