National Technology Day 2019

National Technology Day 2019

India has done number of technical breakthroughs in science and technology. One among them was mastering in nuclear weapon.

Only few counties have achieved high position in Nuclear weapon and missile technology. In the series of test at Pokhran  India too joined the group of nations that achieved the feat. Indian technology got boost by testing aircraft Hansa-3 ,  Trishul, Agni and Prithvi missile. These made the whole world to notice the fast technological advancement of India.

11th May National Technology Day

The National Technology Day is celebrated every year on 11th May, on account of commemorating technological breakthroughs of India.

These achievements were diverse in nature which makes them more   commendable. Before Pokhran, India was actually not acknowledged as great force when compared to International technology but the Nuclear test changed the nation’s whole scenario.

It was a scientific miracle to create nuclear power technology when India managed it to do indigenously, the nation has valid reason of feeling proud of itself. 11th May is an important day to remember when India flexed the technological muscle. Today India has Strategic /technical/ manpower strength which makes us to celebrate National Technology Day. Now India is in the sphere of Technology. This day gives us a chance to remember the achievements of India in Science and Technology, right from agriculture to software. India has also the pride of discovering few great things of world history.  India is also moving high in space exploration. Chandrayaan 1, Mangalyaan etc. which are few classic examples of space projects.   In India millions of individual are going beyond technology and our nation has become great market for smartphones, tablets, PCs etc. Still our nation is urging for more technical success/ solutions. National Technology Day is a good opportunity for us to explore more into the technological world and get appropriate technological discoveries /scientific developments.

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