World Thalassemia Day

World Thalassemia Day

Every year world Thalassemia day is celebrated to make public aware of Thalassemia Disease around the world. There are number of diseases spreading in the world. Doctors could not even find many diseases after checking fully. By celebrating the World Thalassemia Day, people can get knowledge about its preventive measures, ways to avoid its spread from one individual to another individual. This day helps people to make pre- marriage test in order to get rid of genetic issues from families. This is a type of blood disorder with autosomal recessive blood issue. This affects people from one generation to another generation.

This type of disorder makes the people get weak by destroying red blood cells, which make negative effects in the formation of hemoglobin in body by causing anemia. This makes bone weakness, illness in cardiovascular, liver, forehead, cheeks, puberty delay etc. This day helps people to get ideas on how to remove / cure this disease from the world. The thalassemia disease can be classified into alpha thalassemia, beta thalassemia, and delta thalassemia. This disease is treated by blood transfusion, vitamin supplement etc. This disease cannot be fully eradicated as it is a hereditary disease but can be decreased by testing the parents, which helps doctors to make disease cure/ prevent from spreading to child.  It is recommended to consult doctor and take treatment. This day is helps to remove Thalassemia disease from society/state/country to make people lead a normal life.

Few objectives of world Thalassemia day:

  • Helps to increase awareness about the disease among people
  • Develops effective preventive measures to control/ cure this disease
  • Motivate and encourage public mainly youth to donate blood for preventing people from thalassemia.
  • Reduce rate of death around the world because of thalassemia
  • To make society/ country / world free from thalassemia.
  • To increase the number of healthy people

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