Vital facts about NEBOSH General Certificate Risk Assessment Practical Exam

Vital facts about NEBOSH General Certificate Risk Assessment Practical Exam

NEBOSH General Certificate Risk Assessment Practical is the final phase of your NEBOSH exam which testifies your deep understanding on workplace hazard management in any practical environment.

To successfully complete this unit, you should first write two theory papers and get insights into risk assessment practices. In this blog, we will provide an overview about the risk assessment practical and procedures for successful presentation.

Risk assessment is generally carried out in workplaces and can be divided into four sections as shown in the figure below :

Unit IG2:Risk Assessment


What is the pass mark?

No marks or grades are allotted to students in this phase, but only PASS or REFERRAL (fail) are given. NEBOSH follows specific marking criteria for the four sections of risk assessment module. A PASS is enough to clear NEBOSH certificate. A FAIL in any of the four sections means you need to re-appear the practical exam again.

Get NEBOSH Guidance on Assessment

Students can refer to guidance documents on IG2 Assessment available on NEBOSH website. You should read the guidelines clearly before beginning the assessment exercise.

Modes of submitting assessment

Once you have completed risk assessment reviews, it can be submitted in two ways – through handwritten document and electronically. There are two separate forms available for handwritten and electronic submission, respectively. Electronic submission is preferable though NEBOSH accepts handwritten assessments also.

Time period for risk assessment practical

Though there is no specific time frame to complete this unit, NEBOSH recommends that candidates should take around three hours to complete the practical assignment which has four stages. Within this time, students should showcase their practical skills and theoretical understanding along with the ability to make professional document. You can also complete the test in less than three hours.

Get help from tutor or course provider

Once you go through the guidelines, it is desirable that you take the advice of your tutor about the methods you are planning to adopt. Get his opinion whether you have chosen the right workplace, you get enough scope to make proper risk assessment and amount of support you receive from the employer for assessment assignment. Your tutors are not supposed to see the draft of your work and make markings or commenting on it.

How to pass Unit IG2?

The risk assessment must be carried out in real work environment which should be realistic and beneficial for the organisation. Workplaces should be large enough to make specific risk assessments and offer a range of hazards and risk categories. If you don’t have access to places where you need to assess hazards, get the help from course provider or tutor who can make suitable arrangement.

Speak to the management about your intention and get permission to access to premises by following risk control measures such as wearing PPEs.

Who will mark my assessment?

NEBOSH appoints specific examiners to assess your risk assessment report. Depending upon your quality of presentation, you will be given PASS or REFER (fail). In case you get Refer, you can reappear and resubmit fresh assessment. You have 5 years period to complete NEBOSH Certificate which starts from the time you write your first exam.

Your assessment is broken into four sections (which we will see in details in subsequent blogs) and you must pass all the four stages in order to be eligible for NEBOSH Certificate.

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