NEBOSH General Certificate Risk Assessment Practical Exam – Part 2

From the previous post, you must have learnt key facts, submission details and overview of pass marks of the new NEBOSH general certificate exam.

In this post, we are going to discuss about the Stage 1 of the four parts involved in NEBOSH practical assessment which provides insights into writing clear description about the organisation and how students can pass this stage.

Stage 1: covers details of the organisation in clear terms

1-Stage of-Nebosh-Certificate-Assessment

Giving clear description about the organisation you have chosen is very important. If you want, you can change the name of the organisation and location as organisations generally don’t prefer that their confidential details such as risk factors and health hazards be compromised and go out of their organisation. However, all other details such as number of employees, risk perceptionsand risk analysis about the organisation should be factual.

You can consider the entire organisation or part of it for making the assessment. If you have chosen large organisation, it is preferable that you consider a specific department or section and concentrate on a process or activity for your research. If you are not able to decide, approach your tutor for help.

Make sure that you use headed tables for Part 1 assessment while completing description of the organisation and methods used for risk assessment.

You should provide clear account on the organisation so that NEBOSH appointed examiner will be able to understand and make an assessment of your report. If you write unclear or incomplete description, then your chances of clearing this stage may be difficult.

You should include the following information in your stage one assessment submission:

  1. Real name or fictitious name of the organisation
  2. Location of the organisation. You don’t need to write full address but mention only the location. For example: New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, etc.
  3. Number of workers in the organisation
  4. Write a brief description about the organisation which must include type of industry, products manufactured, service provided or activities undertaken.
  5. Clear information about the area included in the risk analysis
  6. Any other details which you feel necessary to include, such as health and safety responsibility and practices followed. Don’t include in the description something that you feel are not relevant.

When you write about the organisation as required in point 4, you should provide clear and concise information which should give perfect picture about the nature of organisation to NEBOSH marker.

You should then give an account of how you have completed risk assessment (step-by-step or methodology followed).

Here you should also include:

  • Sources you have consulted for getting information and data
  • Name and designation of people you have consulted
  • How you have identified hazards and controls

Provide additional information to the NEBOSH marker which you feel has helped to complete risk assessment successfully. While providing information, you can also include how you have made assessment of hazards and risks in real work environment and what are the risk control measures you have followed to avoid getting injured.

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