Tool box Talks – HEAD PROTECTION

The Construction (Head Protection) Regulations state that hard hats must be worn at all times and all places that the company states.

Unless relaxation has been given by the Project Manager or Safety Department in writing eg for final fix, decorating contracts, they must be worn at all times while working on
Laing O’Rourke Group projects.
The only people exempt from these regulations are practicing Sikhs. These men should be encouraged to wear a hard hat, but cannot be forced.

 All safety helmets being worn on Laing O’Rourke Group projects must carry the British Standard kite mark, if not; return them to storeman for a replacement.
 If the helmet has been dropped from a height or been struck by an object from a height, return it to the storeman for a replacement.
 Do not keep your safety helmet on the parcel shelf of your car as UV rays and heat can weaken the structure.
 Do not drill, paint, tape, alter the helmet or alter the harness as the protection will be greatly reduced. Insurance is not much good then
 You may put induction stickers on it but do not write on it
 You may fix ear muffs and drop down visors to the helmet.
 If it keeps falling off your head, adjust it or attach a chin strap. These are available      from your storeman.
 Wear it the way it was designed, peak at the front.
 The life of a safety helmet is 3 years from issue as they suffer fro UV degradation.
 Replacements can be obtained for the sweatband and harness.
 Hard hats are relatively cheap, why risk using an old one.
Note to Supervisor;

    Check the men’s hats that you are giving the talk to and get them to change any unserviceable helmets.

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