Work at height In-House Training

Work at height In-House Training

Green World is delighted with the successful completion of the in-house training program for Work at height. Thanks to our qualified tutor, Mr. Senthil Nathan for successfully delivering the topic to our client Kirloskar on May 21, 2022. Happy to share that our training is well-recognized for its productive and engaging experience.

What is Work at height?

Work at height training is intended to provide the knowledge and skills required to reduce accidents while working at height and learn the techniques to perform work safely.

Working at height training is required if you are working:

  • Above ground or another level
  • On raised platforms
  • With scaffolds
  • With Ladders
  • Workplaces possessing fall risks
  • falling from edges, an opening, or a fragile surface

Key challenges of working at height

Apart from falling, there are other potential threats faced while working at heights.

  • Sharp Edges
  • Fall clearance
  • Dropped objects

Why do you need to work at height training?

Working at height possesses a lot of risks and falling from height can lead to serious injuries or even death. Statistics say that falling from a height contributes to the major number of serious accidents in the workplace.

It is important that every employer ensures the safety of their workers and provides sufficient training to work at heights that are in accordance with The Work at Height Regulations

What are the outcomes?

  • Knowledge of The Work at Height Regulations
  • Methods of fall protection
  • Use of heights safety systems
  • Risk assessment when working at height
  • Providing safe working practices
  • Safe operation of access equipment
  • Use of Personnel requirements
  • Emergency planning and rescue equipment

Training by Green World Group

Green World Group through its training helps in implementing a safe system of work for work at height. As a prominent HSE consultancy and training company, Green World Group is at the forefront of providing Work at Height Training courses through virtual/live and in-person environments. By attending our training course, and gaining knowledge, you can make sure workers stay safe when it is required to carry out work at height activities.

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