World Water Day

World Water Day

“When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water”-                                                                                                                        Benjamin Franklin

Our earth is the only beautiful place to live in. Human beings use all-natural resources to the core and almost ruined the ecosystem. Every abundant natural resource needs an awareness program to preserve for the future generation; water is one of the most important natural resources which is being reduced day by day by using water unnecessarily. As per the above quote, presently many facing water scarcity around the world.
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development announced 22nd of March as ‘World Water Day’ to pay attention and ensure freshwater ensure the Sustainable Management of freshwater resources. Every year water day highlights improving water, water safety, and hygiene, conservation of water, etc…

Tips to save water

• Turn off the taps when not in use
• Save rainwater
• Educate and create awareness among kids on water saving
• Shift to water-efficient faucets/low-flush toilet
• Water your plants wisely
• Take short showers
• Check for pipe leaks if any and repair it
By following above mentioned few effective steps each individual can save a hundred liters of water per year which will create a great positive difference in the eco system.

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