Tips to Celebrate Safe and Healthy Ramadan

Tips to Celebrate Safe and Healthy Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy festival of Islamic religion celebrated across the world, People engage themselves in fasting and prayers, which helps them to enhance self-discipline, sacrifice and self-realization this present a number of challenges in health and safety for indiduals.

Long day with no food and water can cause stress, dehydration, weakness may increase risk of health issues. Employers should recognize these risk and create suitable control measures to support employees in fasting.

Below mentioned effective steps may keep one more focused and energized during Ramadan fasting

1. Re-structure Your Working Day

Fasting may cause mood swings and one may get distracted in work throughout the day. So it’s better to have morning shift as the energy from suhoor meal will make one more stable since morning. Going for night shift may weaken one, which may affects the work too.

2. Keep yourself fit

Try to avoid physical tasks when temperature in afternoon is high, which may drop one’s energy level down. Doing exercise or any physical activity in evening sessions may help one to remain stable as energy from Iftar meal can assist one to rehydrate. Instead of doing high-intensity workout , go for 30 min walk or indulge in any other simple physical activity.

3. Take small Breaks

Taking small breaks in between the work may help one to get relaxed, as fasting may make one to get more tired and cause stress. Getting some fresh air and going for small walk may help individual to get raise in oxygen level.

4. Have healthy conversations with Colleagues.

Fasting will definitely cause major impact on mood and productivity, having smooth and healthy conversations in between work with colleagues may help one to get more moral support and work support from manager and colleagues.

5. Have Meals

At any cost don’t skip Suhoor meal. Do include complex carbohydrates like brown rice, whole meal bread, protein shakes etc. this would help individual to maintain energy level throughout the day

6. Have a Healthy Diet

Having good amount of vitamin /nutrients will give one strong mind and body as well as increase the energy level required to be active and allow for sound sleep. Don’t forget to add fresh fruits, dates, nuts, vegetables, wholegrain food etc in morning meal.

7. Stay Hydrated

Try to increase water intake in any form like fresh juices/protein shakes/tender coconut etc in between Iftar and Suhoor to avoid dehydration. Fruits like watermelon , tomato, cucumber may be added in meals

8. Get enough Rest

Other than taking healthy meals , having sound sleep will help one to remain active and healthy. Deep seep of 8 hours may help one to take correct decision and focus more at work, having naps in afternoon may help one to re-energize one’s energy level to perform good at work

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