National Safety Day in India

National Safety Day in India

The National Safety Council of India observes National Safety Day every year on March 4th to protect each individual from several concerns such as health, financial, and other challenges that we experience in our everyday lives.

The NSC hosts a theme for National Safety Week each year, and the theme of National Safety Day – 2024 is,

“Focus on Safety Leadership for ESG Excellence,”

When is National Safety Day Celebrated?

National Safety Week is a one week campaign starts from 4th March every year in India which is organized by National Safety Council of India to spread the health and safety awareness among the peoples to reduce accidents and other mishaps in our daily life. We have a brief session about the National Safety Week’s History, Objectives and Activities.

History of National Safety Day in India:

The ministry of labour, Government of India has established the National Safety Council of India (NSC) on 4th March 1996, which is an autonomous body to focus the development and sustainability of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) movement at a national level.

Hence the foundation day of NSC has been decided to follow as National Safety Day from the year 1972. As a result of this decision, every year March 4 it was celebrated as National Safety Week (NSW) Campaign for a whole week by both Government and Private Organizations in India.

Objectives of the National Safety Week:

  • Increase the Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) movement to lots of places in the country
  • Make sure the involvement of industries from different sectors of various levels
  • Encourage the participation of every employee in SHE movement operations
  • Promote several development activities of self-compliance related to the professional SHE management process in workplaces

Activities on National Safety Week:

There are many activities and events that have been organized on National Safety Week at National, State and Enterprise levels.

At National Level,

Safety measure debates and seminars have been conducted in the public functions and a sports film also released on the basis of SHE issues. These are organized and telecasted at the national networks like Doordarshan, All India Radio and the national/regional press & media.

At State Level,

NSC displays banners at various locations in every state and its capitals during the National Safety day / National Safety Week and in regional languages, there are many events organized to promote the safety measures.

At Enterprise Level,

Many training programs like seminars, emergency drills, exhibitions, awareness programs, and safety competitions will be conducted and a model of safety pledge has designed, developed and distributed by National Safety Council (NSC).

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