What is earth day and why do we celebrate?

What is earth day and why do we celebrate?

Every year 22nd of April is celebrated as World Earth Day by the people throughout the world. It was first celebrated on 1970 and around 192 countries started to celebrate it annually. In the whole universe, our mother earth is the only planet where we can live in till date, also it is our mandatory duty to protect and maintain our assets of earth to continue living in earth. This day marks the significance making awareness on our planet earth.

This day is celebrated with the intention of taking care of our environment by means of solving its problem. Number of events is being demonstrated to safeguard environment on this day by many organizations and   people with enthusiasm and interest to save our earth and its valuable assets. The goal of celebrating this day to make people make better environment.

By means of celebrating Earth day we all together should take pledge to safeguard the natural resources which our earth has bestowed upon us generously.

Be the change you want to see in the world,” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Let us make changes to save our earth by following few simple activities,

  • Plant more tress
  • Avoid using plastics
  • Make use of alternative source of energy like solar
  • Adopt rainwater harvesting system
  • Make use of bicycle
  • Never litter or throw trash in open space

On this day we should remember to conserve natural resources and hand over to future generation. Let us take step to make our world more greener place to live in.

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