What is ISO 9001 2015

What is ISO 9001 2015

The international standard ISO 9001 gives the necessary requirements for Quality Management System (QMS). The organizations utilize this standard in order to project that they consistently provide services & products which satisfies their buyer as well regulatory needs. ISO 9001 is one among the most popular standard of ISO 9000 series and this is the only standard which the organizations can certify.

ISO 9001 2015 Quality Management Systems

It is suitable for all sorts of organizations of whatever may be the size of industry.

Around one million organizations have been applied for ISO 9001:2015 standard for their Quality Management System from 160 countries.

Organizations of small to large size believes that using ISO 9001 standard helps their business

  • Increases the efficiency
  • Consistency in improvement
  • Organize processes

What are the Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification to the Organization?

ISO 9001 helps the organization to make sure to customer get only high quality of products and services, as it gives more advantages like good customer- employer relationship, profits, management benefits, employees etc.

The organizations with ISO 9001 standard give effective result in their business, as the standard specifies requirement for good quality management system, and also help them:

  • Organizing QMS – Quality Management System
  • Create Satisfied Customer, Management & Employees.
  • Constant improvement in process
  • Saves expenditure

IRCA Approved Training of ISO 9001 2015

The training in ISO 9001 gives a great opportunity to review the ISO 9001:2015 standard and implement the principles of Quality Management System in work place

Delegates who are responsible for creating, implement, auditing and managing ISO 9001 standard or quality professional / person with interest to update the documented ISO 9001-based QMS can study ISO 9001 training courses, as this includes the course focused on ISO 9001 and QMS.

And organizations looking to improve effectiveness of employee performance, as well the employees who is interested, can choose ISO 9001 training course.

What Topics Does IRCA Approved ISO 9001 2015 Lead Auditor Course Covers?

As the ISO 9001 is as per Plan – Do- Check-Act method , it gives a process oriented approachin documentation as well as review of the structure, responsibility, and necessary stepsin order to attain effective Quality Management in the organization.

It contains number information on specific topics of the standard

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