World Safety and Health Day 2019

World Safety and Health Day 2019

Every year 28th April is celebrated as Worlds day for health and Safety at work by ILO (International Labor Organization). The aim of celebrating this day is to prevent occupational diseases and accident around the world.  It is the time to raise awareness to reduce injuries and death happens at workplace.

By celebrating the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the ILO promotes worldwide safety and wellbeing culture including ILO constituents and every single key partner of this field. In many regions of the world, government authorities, worker’s organizations, employer’s union and health safety professionals compose various activities to celebrate this day.

One can get involved in this by,

  • Promoting World Day for Safety and Health at Work
  • Sharing contents on social media
  • Arranging an safety expert to deliver a speech at workplace
  • Creating awareness among employees on work health and safety

On April 28 , 2003, the ILO started to campaign upon  the request from trade union movement Since 2003, the ILO has been observing World Day on Safety and Health at Work on April 28  by profiting its traditional qualities of tripartism and social discourse.

Every one of us is responsible to stop injuries and deaths happen at workplace. Governments are in charge of giving infrastructure like – laws and administrations – which is important to guarantee that all employees stay employable and that organization flourish. Which includes development of national policies, programs and inspection system to implement compliance. Employers should be more responsible in providing safe and healthy workplace.  Also the workers should take care of themselves by means of protecting themselves, taking preventive measures in case of hazardous situation, not endangering others.

Green World Group, the leading health and safety institute provides wide range of occupational health and safety course like NEBOSH, IOSH, and National Diplomas etc. By taking up these courses employees will get necessary knowledge and awareness on workplace hazard, ways to identify and control workplace hazard etc. which helps them to safeguard themselves and their workplace from potential hazards at work environment. Thus by offering safety courses Green World Group uplifts and protect employee ‘s career as well as health and being.

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