Green World Group provides quality education in occupational safety and health through its state-of-the-art training centres spread across India and overseas.

Offering international repute safety course in Delhi which are highly appreciated and recognized by industries, some of them include NEBOSH and IOSH courses, Lead Auditor course, RoSPA and CPD and government recognized safety diploma courses which are industry specific.

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Safety Institute in Delhi Green World Group

  • We provides a variety of accredited occupational safety, health and environmental courses through classroom and company training, distance learning and e-learning and consultancy solutions to businesses and individuals across the country and abroad.We have been achieving success in delivering quality safety and health training and Environmental Management Consultancy programs to both national and international students and workers. We don’t comprise on quality in imparting training and services and that reflects on our results, completion rates and customer satisfaction.
  • We provide cost-effective health and safety courses and services with the help of health, safety, and environmental tutors/consultants and committed customer service professionals.
  • We offer professional guidance to successfully develop your knowledge and know-how in HSE domain through our internationally repute safety and health training programmes such as NEBOSH, IOSH, Lead Auditor, RoSPA & CPD, iHSE Council and Govt. approved safety diploma certifications.

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Safety institute in Delhi

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    Safety Officer Course in Delhi


    As a globally recognized qualification, NEBOSH International General Certificate ( NEBOSH IGC ) focuses on empowering the working community to create safe, hygienic and healthy work environment.


    Formulated to educate students on international standards and management skills followed to achieve complete workplace safety, the course enables them to effectively discharge as occupational health and safety experts in any employment sector.

    Ideal for working professionals including managers, supervisors, technicians or representatives of employees, the course can also be taken by aspiring students who want to pursue career in health and safety of workers in any industry domain.
    NEBOSH is a UK-based educative board, which has accredited Green World Group (accreditation center no. 733), a globally acclaimed institute, to train candidates from across the globe including India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Iran and Nigeria.

    Nebosh IGC Course in Delhi

    NEBOSH training is available in NEW DELHI at the Green World Group’s centre, which offers state-of-the-art, reliable and quality education to local and international students.


    Enquire NowNEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) in Occupational Health and Safety


    NEBOSH International Diploma is the sought-after qualification for international health and safety practitioners. It provides expertise HSE education meant for students and working professionals who care for safety, health and environmental issues.


    The training programme makes the participants internationally-accredited Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) professional.The NEBOSH Diploma, developed on the knowledge gained at Certificate level, is made for those seeking successful long-term professional career as health and safety experts.

    NEBOSH International Diploma


    Enquire NowNEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety


    The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management (PSM) in New Delhi has been created jointly by NEBOSH and Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the UK’s enforcement agency.


    The course is recommended for those who are associated with process safety management-related employments such as oil and gas and chemical manufacturing industry. The course highlights the prevailing international safety standards and management processes, emphasises the importance of process safety management in the process industry and guides learners to effectively enforce occupational safety standards.


    Enquire NowNEBOSH HSE Certificate In Process Safety Management


    IOSH Managing Safely (MS) is the basic level certificate on management of workplace health and safety.


    The course educates workplace managers to effectively formulate emergency action plans required by their health and safety teams to manage workplace health and safety hazards.

    IOSH Course in Delhi

    The course offered in the New Delhi branch of Green World Group also emphasises on the responsibilities of organisations and workplace mangers towards ensuring complete safety to workers which can help companies retain their reputation.


    Enquire NowIOSH Managing Safely

    National Safety Diploma Course

    Green World Group offers Diploma in occupational safety and health courses which are authorized national advisory body promoted by the Planning Commission, Government of India, Safety diploma courses specially designed to meet the needs of safety technicians or managers who want to enhance their skill sets to gain success in their occupation. These Courses are provided across dedicated centers of GWG in India, Middle East and countries in African continent.

    Lead Auditor Course

    The training for Lead Auditor certification can help workers or candidates to show their skills as an auditor and can achieve professional recognition as an certified lead auditor in the later stage of their career.The courses are for students who want to enhance their knowledge and skills to undertake first, second and third party audits of overall management systems and assess conformity by applying international management standard.

    The courses also provide them with skills-based training that will equip them to perform an internal audit as part of a management system and report its effective maintenance and implementation.

    Green World Group provides the following ISO Lead Auditor Course in Delhi

    ISO 9001:2015

    The ISO 9001: 2015 Lead Auditor Course, develops the necessary knowledge and skills for conducting full audit Quality Management System (QMS) in any organization


    Enquire NowISO 9001: 2015

    ISO 45001:2018

    ISO 45001:2018 gives the specific requirements for Occupational Health and Safety management system, also provides the guidance for its use and enables the organizations, to main safety culture at workplace by means of preventing accidents and illness in health at workplace and also by improving the occupational health and safety performance.


    Enquire NowIRCA Certified – ISO 45001:2018

    Other Auditing course


    The course helps the participants to understand the theories and gain practical skills on providing effective environmental management in any business environment, public enterprise and general society as a whole.


    The participants are trained to apply critical environment management tools effectively, gather relevant knowledge in the respective field and also learn to provide out-of-the-box solutions to various environmental problems which can affect the society and workers. Students will also be introduced the following topics which will help them to provide sustainable environmental solution at various workplaces.

    Some of the problems are:

    • Environmental planning
    • Environmental management systems (EMS)
    • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
    • Life cycle assessment (LCA)
    • Environmental assessments (EIA and SEA)
    • Eco-design


    Enquire NowEnvironmental Management & Sustainability – ISO 14001:2015( UKAF,CPD-UK )


    This Integrated Management System internal audit Training course having prestigious certifications from ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, helps learners comprehend about the formulations and needs of each of these International Standards.


    Through this course, the learners get to know the importance of adding an integrated management system in your workplace. The Integrated Management System facilitates an enterprise to have multiple standards which will help to create one single well-organized, efficient and tailor-made management system.


    Enquire NowIntegrated Management System (IRCA Std.) – ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018


    CPD training generally focuses to meet the required standards and benchmarks of Continuing Professional Development. In order to maintain quality, transparency and integrity, it is important to examine the learning value. The CPD Certification Services offer recognized independent CPD accreditation commensurate with global CPD standards.
    Green World Group in New Delhi offers well recognised following CPD courses:


    HAZWOPERM – Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Management


    HAZWOPERM is designed to understand the methodologies used in clean-up operations at uncontrolled hazardous waste disposal sites, effective safety mechanisms for safe removal of wastes and risk control measures to prevent health hazards and accidents.


    Enquire NowHAZWOPERM, UK


    MOC – Management of Change in Process Safety


    This online training program is formulated to have clear understanding the impact due to process of change management as any small deviation in process control can impact many other process elements, either directly or indirectly.
    Our MOC course highlights directly the practical difficulties in MOC program implementation. This MOC in process safety is suitable for any type of process in the industry. However, certain changes can only be carried out as per the company policy and needs.


    Enquire NowMOC in Process Safety, UK


    BBSM – Behavior Based Safety Management


    This course is made for people concerned to comprehend the impact between the relation of workers with respect to his behaviours at workplaces and myriad of outcomes it can bring about.
    It focuses on PDCA cycle and its usages in association with safety culture and implementation of safety culture so as to make the workplace safe for all. This is explained to students with the help of various personality changes, motivation and frustration, attitudes, learning concepts and different methods to implement BBSM at workplaces.


    Enquire NowBBSM, UK


    Green World Group in New Delhi offers students and working professionals an array of e-Learning training programs in association with Human Focus International. All these courses and Learning management System are approved by U.K-based RoSPA.
    The role of ROSPA is to promote general safety for workers and prevent accidents at workplaces. It also advocates advisory services and provides information and resources to industries and employers so as to reduce accidents and related losses.
    Green World Group in New Delhi offers following ROSPA approved courses:

    Accident Investigation

    This course is extremely useful for career enhancement to those who are working as safety and health advisors, safety officers, HSE managers and people who are responsible for probing and documenting accidents and near misses.


    Enquire NowAccident Investigation, UK

    First Aid Awareness

    This safety training is formulated for employees and aspiring safety professionals to update them about safety standards, necessary first aid awareness and equipment, how to respond to various situations such as accidents or injuries and importance of taking correct actions during emergency situations.


    Enquire NowFirst Aid Awareness, UK

    Fire Safety

    The course on Fire Safety provides an overview of safety parameters with respect to safeguarding workers from fire accidents.


    Students are informed about the right actions to be taken at the time of fire. Students and working professionals completing this course will be able to offer protection to workers from major fire in any industry and manage all types of emergency situations.


    Enquire NowFire Safety, UK

    Permit to Work

    This Permit to Work course in New Delhi introduces participants with the role of employees and functionalities of permit to work (PTW) system in any office environment and also deals with responsibilities of different sections of people – from frontline workers to site managers on workplace safety.


    The course emphasises the importance of having such stringent system of providing permit to work instead of the meaningless and outdated form filling exercise. The participants at the end of the course will understand why every employee should understand the need of PTW system and how PTW failure can cause serious accidents and losses.


    Enquire NowPermit to Work, UK

    Lifting Operations

    This training essentially covers safety principles and standards to be followed to work safely. Students get to know various equipments and their associated hazards


    The syllabus also covers reasons for accidents and effective control measures. The participants are also trained to do lifting operation safety risk assessment in compliance with the lifting regulations (LOLER regulations).


    Enquire NowLifting Operations, UK


    Food safety is an important aspect the food handlers need to focus and deal with it. Green World Group offers food safety courses which are intended to train participants on various food safety procedures, standing regulations and control measures, standard hygiene management and safe pest control practices. Learners are offered with the latest information and practical skills necessary to become successful in food handling business.
    Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) training is provided to students so that they gain up-to-date knowledge and skills on food safety management and expertise in monitoring, assessing, reviewing and controlling food safety at food making and processing places.

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