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Why Safety Course in Chandigarh ?

Safety course in Chandigarh by Green World Group has variety of internationally recognized qualification such as NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC), NEBOSH International Diploma (iDip), now a days these both qualifications are most demanded course for health and safety sector.
Health and Safety training in Chandigarh provides strong understanding in health and safety management issues and makes an individual to work / manage workplace risk more effectively.
NEBOSH IGC helps to create and implement effective health and safety management system at workplace, which enhances productivity and performance in business.
These health and safety course provides employment for thousands of professionals across the world in highly reputed industries
Our occupational health and safety courses are apt for people who wish to have their career in health and safety field, enhances career prospects and helps to get worldwide career opportunities in all kind of industrial sector

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    Customer Relationship Manager
    Telephone: +91 8130783230

    Why Green World Group Safety Institute in Chandigarh

    • Green World Group the leading health and safety course provider in Chandigarh provides various Occupational Health and Safety qualifications.
    • India’s first safety course provider to complete 800 NEBOSH batches successfully with excellent pass rate.On account of this celebration GWG provides special offers to the students with free HSE professional course for the candidates who take up NEBOSH course.
    • There exists flexibility in learning mode i.e. the candidates can take up the course via regular class room, distance learning via virtual classroom training.
    • We have highly experienced and talented tutors to train the working professionals and HSE aspirants.
    • Green World Group also conducts training program of various leading boards, the accredited health and safety courses to make the participants self-reliable and independent decision makers at workplace.
    • Every candidate will get individual attention and guidance from the tutors while getting moulded to become successful health and safety professionals.

    Safety Officer Course in Chandigarh


    NEBOSH International General Certificate (NEBOSH-IGC) empowers the participants to create safe, hygienic and healthy work environment for workers following international and national safety standards.


    The course, available at Green World Group’s Chandigarh centre, is ideal for all level of workers including supervisors, managers, employee representatives or beginners who want to create niche for themselves in health and safety domain. NEBOSH IGC provides a solid foundation on various aspects of workplace safety, health and environmental issues faced by industries around the world.

    Green World Group’s Chandigarh chapter offers comprehensive education programme for NEBOSH-IGC at its state-of-the-art centre for national and international students. Students, not only from India, but also from countries like UAE, Angola, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, who come in large numbers, are taking advantage of the quality education available here coupled with excellent individual training towards making them the best HSE experts.


    Enquire NowNEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) in Occupational Health and Safety


    Ideal for working as well as aspiring health and safety practitioners, NBOSH International Diploma trains the participants to become successful HSE professionals who can independently take care of workplace safety and health of their fellow employees thereby helping the industries prosper.


    The certification has international recognition as students passing out are absorbed as health and safety officers, HSE engineers or managers in all kinds of industrial domains.
    NEBOSH International Diploma


    Enquire NowNEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety


    NEBOSH has jointly formulated this course with the support of UK’s leading enforcement agency Health and Safety Executive (HSE) which is one of best certification courses in Process Safety Management (PSM) field.


    The course is aimed at to benefit workers who have to perform responsibilities in process safety environments which include Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Plastic and Oil and Gas industries. Known for its wide international recognition in process industry, the certification helps learners understand the process involved in safety management systems and discharge their responsibilities effectively in their workplaces.


    Enquire NowNEBOSH HSE Certificate In Process Safety Management


    This course provides health and safety certification offered by IOSH at the fundamental level which makes workplace managers promote safety actions executed by respective HSE teams.


    IOSH MS certification can be offered to employee representatives in Chandigarh which helps enterprises promote their commitments towards achieving the highest standard in workplace health and safety which further decides their reputation in the industry.


    Enquire NowIOSH Managing Safely

    National Safety Diploma

    Green World Group offers Diploma courses in occupational safety and health with respect to various industries and environments. GWG is authorized to conduct courses conceptualized by Bharat Sevak Samaj, an Indian government agency attached to the Planning Commission. BSS courses are designed to enhance the career needs of people who want to excel in occupational health and safety related field. All the BSS-accredited diploma courses are available at GWG centres in India, Middle East and countries in African continent.

    Lead Auditor Course

    The International Register of Certificated Auditors certifies people who have exceptional expertise, skills and knowledge on conducting auditing for companies with respect to their hazard preparedness and risk and disaster management systems. The training improves their skills to perform audit and file their reports to the management for the benefit of both the companies and their employees. certified lead auditors are on great demand internationally as companies want chartered lead auditors with certification for all kinds of auditing purpose.

    Green World Group provides the following Lead Auditor Course:

    Other Auditing course


    Participants of this certification course get theoretical and practical awareness on creating effective and sustainable environment management system at workplaces, public organisations and private society.


    Successful candidates will be able to effectively use environmental management tools and provide out-of-the-box solutions to different workplace environmental issues affecting workers and others nearby. Some of the common workplace management processes include:

    • Environmental planning
    • Environmental management systems (EMS)
    • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
    • Life cycle assessment (LCA)
    • Environmental assessments (EIA and SEA)
    • Eco-design


    Enquire NowEnvironmental Management & Sustainability – ISO 14001:2015( UKAF,CPD-UK )


    Green World Group in Chandigarh has been offering certification course in Integrated Management System internal audit which has ISO certifications like ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.


    The online course helps participants gain know how on the compliance requirements of these International Standards. While underlying the importance of an Integrated Management System at work facilities, the certification helps organizations have IMS with multiple standards which can create an efficient, controlled and custom-made management system.


    Enquire NowIntegrated Management System – ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018


    CPD training in Chandigarh is provided to participants in line with the prescribed benchmarks and standards of Continuing Professional Development. To maintain quality and integrity of the course, competent professionals are engaged to assess the learning process. CPD Certification Services provides successful participants with CPD accreditation which is compatible with the global standards.
    Green World Group in Chandigarh provides the following CPD approved courses:


    HAZWOPERM – Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Management


    Hazwoperm is intended to train candidates to handle hazardous wastes during clean-up operations, transporting to dump yards, or any voluntary clearing, disposal, storage, emergency response actions, treating of hazardous substances or managing uncontrolled hazardous waste sites and handling such workplaces in effective and safer way.


    Enquire NowHAZWOPERM, UK


    MOC – Management of Change in Process Safety


    This online training educates candidates about the process involved in management of changes and its effect on employees. Any minor change in a process can have either direct or indirect impact on several other elements of process. Our MOC course trains delegates in Chandigarh to handle practical challenges while executing MOC program. Though applicable for any process industry, MOC program may require some minor or major changes in some cases as per the nature and needs of the working environment.


    Enquire NowMOC in Process Safety, UK


    BBSM – Behavior Based Safety Management


    This Behaviour Based Safety Management program focuses on behavioural changes among workers with respect to different working conditions and their impacts on health and safety working environment. Candidates are tutored about PDCA cycle and advantages and performance of safety culture. Workers’ behavioural changes can impact workplace peace and affect health and safety of co-workers. While learners get trained to handle different unsafe behaviour of workers, they will know to handle different situations involving frustration and attitudinal problems, how to encourage and motivate workers for maximum work outputs, and how to effectively implement BBSM in workplaces.


    Enquire NowBBSM, UK


    Green World Group and Human Focus International jointly promote RoSPA approved e-learning courses in Chandigarh. The U.K.-based Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has been offering several affiliated safety courses through dedicated learning centres.

    RoSPA promotes safe workplaces to prevent accidents and injuries. RoSPA courses encourage students to practice safety measures at different work environments to prevent mishaps. Successful candidates can serve as safety counsellors and provide resources and information to workers to remain safe and healthy against risk and hazardous working conditions.

    Green World Group offers following ROSPA courses in Chandigarh:

    Accident Investigation

    This course on accident investigation benefits those who are engaged in responsibilities such as health inspectors, safety managers, HSE officers or safety advisors.


    The course will help candidates in Chandigarh gain expertise in accident investigation and documenting incidents for future reference and corrective/preventive action.


    Enquire NowAccident Investigation, UK

    First Aid Awareness

    Our First Aid Awareness training in Chandigarh aims to educate participants about the importance and usage of first aid facility available at workplaces.


    The course also trains delegates to use first aid kits correctly and promptly on accident victims or workers who are indisposed due to illness before the arrival of the trained medical services.


    Enquire NowFirst Aid Awareness, UK

    Fire Safety

    Fire safety is essential for every enterprise.


    Our course on fire safety is applicable for every industry which deals with types of risks and hazards which lead to fire, fire safety procedures, causes of fire accidents, fire safety training procedures, need and use of fire safety equipments and process involved in making workplaces fire safety compliance.


    Enquire NowFire Safety, UK

    Permit to Work

    The course provides an overview of the nature and function of permit to work (PTW) system at any work environment and sensitise participants about the roles and responsibilities of employees ranging from front line workers to site managers and engineers.


    The Permit to Work course intends to educate participants in Chandigarh about the new system and the drawbacks of the earlier system of form filling exercise. The course also educates workers to know the consequences of PTW system failure that can cause serious accidents.


    Enquire NowPermit to Work, UK

    Lifting Operations

    The safety course on Lifting Operations trains learners to have sound knowledge on kind of equipment used for lifting operations and their associated risks.


    The syllabus also covers causes of accidents, preventive measures, safety standards, different possibilities of accidents and safety risk assessment based on prevailing lifting regulations (LOLER regulations).


    Enquire NowLifting Operations, UK


    Food safety course is ideal for candidates who aspire to serve food industry or those who are handling or processing food items. Our food safety courses are made to educate participants in Chandigarh about safe food handling processes, food safety regulations, safe practices and hygiene management and pest control procedures. Successful candidates will be able to use their knowledge and professional skills to mange food business effectively and successfully.

    Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) course is also aimed at food handlers. The safety course educates learners to follow critical food management procedures and safe practices which will motivate them to verify, assess and review food safety practices at workplaces.