World Food Safety Day June 7th 2021

World Food Safety Day June 7th 2021

“Food safety involves everybody in the food”-                                                                                                                       – Mike Johanns

Every year World Food Safety Day is celebrated on June 7 to create awareness among common public on foodborne diseases and ways to prevent it. This was initiated by world health Organization in the year 2018 and announced it as global day by United National General Assembly.

This year’s theme of world food safety day is “Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow”.

Food safety refers to systematic process in the planning, preparing and dealing with manufacturing and storage of food intended to avoid foodborne disease and injury.

Right from farm to plate, food items may experience many face potential hazard during their process. Handling food safely with standard practices and methodology are consequently executed at each phase of the food production process cycle to control these risks and prevent harm to buyers. Food products are one amongst few most traded commodities across the globe.

As the population increases rapidly the global food supply chain increases simultaneously. Each country has different regulatory bodies to look after domestic food safety standards. To manufacture or process food in any country the Organization should run in adherence with local and international food safety like HACCP(Hazard analysis and critical control points) is a systemic risk based approach to prevent contamination of food. The HACCP courses is custom made course meant for individuals to kick start their career in food safety.

One can enroll into HACCP course from Green world group , the leading health and safety course provider provides various international HSE courses viz NEBOSH,IOSH MS, UK lead auditor Certification programs etc. And Food Hygiene & Safety Course, as well HACCP Course recognized by Govt. of India, and UK approved Courses in various learning modes by experienced industry specific tutors.

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