Safety Diploma Course

Cal/OSHA Training Certification


This course which provides training on heat stress and illness prevention to workers has been made on the specific recommendations and standards prescribed by Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Prevention regulations. The regulations have various sections and the course explains and outlines them in detail. Employers who come under the California jurisdiction get useful information on safety compliance with regard to these regulations.

Governing regulations

This online training course has been formulated by incorporating the training regulations specified in Cal/OSHA Title 8 CCR, Section 3395 Heat Stress/Illness Prevention Standard.

Course Overview

Heat-related illness can take heavy toll on employees’ health and performance. Hence awareness to deal with such situation, preventive methods and related regulations have been made part of this safety course. The course also covers all indoor and outdoor heat related illnesses and stress for workers in the state of California and also the preventive measures and applicable standards. This online course provides workers and employers with all vital information on avoiding heat-related health problems at indoor and outdoor workplaces.

Who Must Take this Course?

All employees whose occupations involve working in hot environments, both indoor and outdoor, must take this course to prevent them from heat-related sickness. Employers too are mandated to abide by 8 CCR 3395 rule to provide training to their supervisory and nonsupervisory workers to make them aware of kinds of health issues and preventive methods. Every new recruit must undergo this training before they begin their in-house or field-work to understand the nature of work, work-related illness and preventive measures.

Course Format

Our Cal/OSHA Heat Stress/Illness Prevention Training course is intended for all kinds of workers and hence has simple and easy to comprehend content with informative graphical and audio presentations and a self-check questions to clear the final exam.

We provide the completion certificate for every student who successfully undergo training who also get a printable wallet card.

Continuing education credits?

Each student will receive 0.2 CEUs (or 2 CMEs) from Compliance Training Online® for completing this course.

Topics Covered

  • About This Course
  • Course Objectives
  • Introduction
    • Heat Illness Statistics
    • What Is Heat Illness?
    • Applicable Regulations
    • Who Is Covered by 8 CCR 3395?
    • Employer Responsibilities
    • Employee Responsibilities
    • Key Terms
  • Heat and the Body
    • Sweating
    • The Importance of Sweating
    • Heat and Work Activity
    • Heat and Work Performance
    • Physical and Lifestyle Risk Factors
    • Acclimatization
  • Heat Illness
    • Heat Rash
    • Heat Cramps
    • Heat Syncope
    • Heat Exhaustion
    • Heat Stroke
  • Heat Illness Prevention Regulations
    • When and to Whom Does 8 CCR 3395 Apply?
    • Overview of 8 CCR 3395
    • 8 CCR 3395 (c) Provision of Water
    • How Much Water Must Be Provided?
    • 8 CCR 3395 (d) Access to Shade
    • How Much Shade Must Be Provided?
    • Where Must Shade Be Located?
    • Preventative Cool-Down Rests
    • 8 CCR 3395 (e) High-Heat Procedures
    • Employer Responsibilities in High-Heat Conditions
    • 8 CCR 3395 (f) Emergency Response Procedures
    • 8 CCR 3395 (g) Acclimatization
    • 8 CCR 3395 (h) Training-All Employees
    • 8 CCR 3395 (h) Training-Supervisory Employees
    • How Is Training Evaluated for Compliance?
    • 8 CCR 3395 (i) Heat Illness Prevention Plan
    • Cal/OSHA Penalties for Non-Compliance
    • Summary
    • Additional Resources
    • Exam