Certified Scaffolding Supervisor


Scaffolding is an essential element to field work in various industries, including construction, maintenance and repair. Proper scaffolding is key to ensuring the safety of field crew working on elevated work areas and sectors. To prevent any mishaps in the work area awareness is important to every individual in the work place. People should be highly competent enough to carry out the specified job and reduce the cost associated with accidents.

This course focuses mainly on scaffolding operations happening in the various industry activities which will help the competent person to carry out the operations with sound precautions. The Certified Scaffolding Supervisor course is designed to provide extensive knowledge for people on technical aspects with engineering solution of scaffolding. This also will focus on proper scaffold construction methods which including the erection, moving or altering scaffolds with their stability requirements and protecting from falling objects or tools. It also includes the information ensuring stable access on scaffolds and the hazards involved with scaffolds. Inspection and fall protection are emphasized in detail giving a good knowledge and to carry out the scaffolding in a safe manner. The course focuses on requirements of relevant standards and also engineering procedures involved with scaffolding.

This course is broadly divided onto 4 units that comprehensively deals with the best practices involved during scaffold erection and structural integrity of the scaffold.

    This part covers the basic aspects associated with scaffolding
    1 Basic definitions of the scaffold
    2 Legal Aspects covered on BS EN 12811-1:2003
    3 The foundation to be laid for erection of scaffold to prevent the collapse
    4 Different types of ties used in scaffolding to ensure the stability of the scaffold during the activities
    5 Basic requirements of the temporary work platform on scaffold

    This part covers the different components of scaffolding activity involved during the erection

    1 Different types of ladders used on scaffold for the safe access and egress
    2 Different lifting techniques of the small components of scaffold and also their handling methodology
    3 Different ropes, knots and hitches used during the erection of scaffold
    4 The safe method of lowering the components used during the scaffold erection

    This section covers the challenges that are faced during the erection of scaffold

    1 The organizational requirements and different working method on scaffold
    2 The hazard associated with the erections and obstacles associated during the scaffolding erection
    This unit covers the different types of scaffold and their uses
    1 The types of scaffold like independent tied scaffold, Putlog scaffold, Birdcage access scaffold, tower scaffold and system scaffold.