Essentials of Fire Safety Principles

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    For any industry or enterprise, fire is the common risk which needs to be analyzed to take preventive measures. Do your workers know the correct and effective methods to prevent or contain fire? As fire can happen anytime without warning, care should be exercised to understand the cause of fire, fire safety methods, emergency handling procedures, knowledge on fire safety equipments and about first aids. Every employer should ensure that their workplaces are fire-protected and all workers aware of basic fire safety guidelines.

    This fire safety training offered by Green World Group is the best course for employees and delegates who wish to have first-hand knowledge on fire safety protocols. The e-learning course is formulated by experts to provide knowledge to workers on causes of fire and preventive techniques. The course can be taken by employees of any company.

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      Course Overview

      The training can help you know the basics of Fire Safety at workplace. Learners will be taught on risk assessment, how to handle emergencies, housekeeping procedures, key elements of a fire triangle, safety equipment and warning sign boards.

      At the end of the course, trainees will be able to know:

      • The causes of fire and the effective fire risk management and assessment
      • Good house keeping technique
      • The fire triangle and the sources of fire
      • Firefighting equipment such as fire alarms, extinguishers and safety signs
      • Emergency evacuation procedures
      • Your responsibility

      Course Chapters

      1. Fire Prevention
        The cost or damages caused by fire accident, basics on risk assessment, the key procedures for risk assessment and housekeeping.
      2. What Causes Fire
        Information about fire triangle, the key elements of a fire triangle and major sources of fire.
      3. Equipment & Signs
        Information on firefighting equipment, fire extinguishers, safety signs and other fire fighting measures.
      4. In an Emergency
        Critical procedures to be followed during emergency evacuation, the evacuation itself and your role.

      Who will get the benefit ?

      This safety course will benefit both the employers and employees by making sure that the company and workers have become compliant to the fire safety law.

      How it works ?

      Fire Safety course is offered through online medium to students will be an interactive course. Participants will use their computer or any portable internet-enabled device. The interactive course, which is made to be exciting, informative and engaging, provides up-to-date, useful graphical images, expert-selected interactive elements and mini quizzes to assess their knowledge.

      Users will get helpful advices and guidance and their expertise in the subject will be assessed at the end of the learning through a compulsory self-test.

      A risk checklist will be provided where students are asked a series of questions with regard to their profession


      On successful completion of the course and online assessment exam, students will get a certification awarded by Green World Group, Dubai chapter.

      The certificate is also recognized to be attested by (it attracts additional Cost)

      KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) Dubai Govt Approved.

      By doing this the student will get two certificates:

      • Main Certificate