Golden Rules Of Process Safety Management In Oil & Gas

Golden Rules Of Process Safety Management In Oil & Gas (Upstream / Downstream)


The goal of this course is to shift participants from thinking of PSM elements as isolated parts and procedures to a system of interrelated mutually supportive actions and outcomes. This new perspective provides the foundation for incident and hazard reduction. Participants will be divided into groups of three and asked to work collaboratively to analyze scenarios using incident videos and case studies and apply critical thinking skills to predict potential problems.

This course features a problem-based learning approach that provides a collaborative job-focused experience to accelerate skill development. Participants will practice completing parts of the PSM analysis; identify and apply procedural requirements to manage the technology, facilities and personnel parts of PSM requirements; compare best-practice requirements to actual documented systems; collaboratively build a personal PSM on-the-job recommendation workbook; transfer in-class diagnostic strategies to job-related hazard and safety decisions; and demonstrate a holistic understanding of a PSM system.

Exam Method: Non-supervised online exam. Exam can be taken any time at your convenience.

Exam Format: Q & A submission

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