Disaster Management with Advanced Emergency Response Principles


All countries face a wide range of hazards, both natural and man-made, that have the potential to result in catastrophic damage and negative impacts on societies.Despite actions taken by local emergency management professionals, international trends show that the economic and social impact of disaster has increased around the world.This is especially true in the developing world, where large-scale disasters can result in enormous loss of life as well as considerable economic damage.

This course is ideal for either senior managers or new employees who may, in the course of their normal duties, be called upon to take up a position in their company’s emergency response organisation. Alternatively, the course would suit anyone within the company who wishes to understand the principles of emergency response as it applies to industry.

What you will learn

  • Ensure a systematic approach to emergency management planning and response;
  • Facilitate harmonization of relevant Competent Authority(s) requirements and provide a clear hierarchy of control in the event of significant emergencies
  • Hazard and Risk Identification
  • Steps of doing Risk Identification as part of emergency preparedness
  • Learn about different barriers
  • Learn about various Environmental Disasters
  • Disaster Risk, Development and the Environment
  • Study about key links that would connect environment to the disaster risk
  • Learn about what are various opportunities available for disaster risk reduction.

Exam Method: Non-supervised online exam. Exam can be taken any time at your convenience.

Exam Format: Q & A submission