Fostering Collaboration: A Bright Future Ahead

Fostering Collaboration: A Bright Future Ahead

Dear Readers,

In the fast-paced world of business, forging meaningful partnerships and collaborations is often the key to success. It’s not just about what you know; it’s about who you know and how well you can work together. This week, we had the pleasure of experiencing this truth firsthand during a productive meeting with our esteemed partners (CPD Standards – UK) at our Green World Group, Dubai, United Arab Emirates office.

We were truly delighted to welcome Amanda Rosewarne, CEO & Co-Founder, and Dr. Aref Alabed, General Manager of the MENA Region to the Green World Group Head office in Dubai by our CEO & Co-Founder Shanker Sreekumar and his team. Their insightful discussions left us not only impressed but also excited about the prospects of our collaboration. In this blog post, we’d like to express our appreciation and shed light on the exciting journey ahead.

A Meeting of Minds

Our meeting with Amanda and Aref was more than just a routine business encounter. It was a meeting of minds, where ideas flowed freely, and enthusiasm filled the room. We had the opportunity to learn more about the CPD Standards impressive portfolio of accreditation services that they offer. It’s evident that they share our commitment to excellence, making this partnership all the more promising.

Seamless Collaboration Ahead

In line with our discussions, about adding additional accredited courses under the CPD standards, we are moving swiftly to ensure a seamless start to our collaboration. The exchange of information and documentation is already in progress to expedite these courses to our global learners in the near future.

A special mention goes to the list of policies and procedures generously offered by The CPD Standards Office for our members in the MENA region. These resources are invaluable, and we look forward to integrating them into our Operations to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

Marketing Strategies and Support

One of the most exciting aspects of our collaboration is the prospect of expanding our reach in the market. Together, we will explore marketing strategies and areas of support, both pre and post-training courses, to enhance our client base and business development efforts.

Building a Bright Future

As we embark on this journey, we wish to reiterate our appreciation to Amanda and Aref for their remarkable commitment to this partnership. We are filled with excitement about the promising opportunities that await us in the future. Our collective aim is to position Green World Group as a market leader in CPD courses for our specific sectors.