Safety Diploma Course

MSHA Surface Mining Emergency Procedures Overview


This Surface Mining Emergency Procedures Overview online training course provides a deep understanding on various emergency conditions occur in and around surface mines and how to deal with those emergencies effectively to save lives, properties and environment. The course also deals with rescue operations and first aid procedures. The course is well suited for supervisors, operators, health and safety managers, and all other general workers at surface mines.

Governing regulations

While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) takes care of implementing standard safety procedures across all industries, MSHA has been empowered to ensure that all mining operators follow prescribed norms, regulations and safety standards in the interest of workers. These two nodal agencies work together to ensure that every miner is protected from various occupational hazards and health risks. The United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) Health and Safety (H&S) Department controls both MSHA and OSHA to ensure that there is no slackness in implementing rules and regulations to protect miners from various hazards.

Everyone at mines has certain responsibility towards ensuring that all safety standards are followed and implemented. While employers must ensure all employees are informed and adequately instructed and supervised, the supervisors and managers must take care of providing quality safety training by competent authority for all workers and make them MSHA and OSHA complaints. And workers are expected to follow MSHA and OSHA regulations and practice safe work habits.

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Course Overview

This online training course provides an overview of emergencies, how to tackle them, protection methods and standard protocol to be followed to ensure safety for all at surface mine sites. It also outlines the Mine Safety and Health Administration’s (MSHA) needs and procedures to be implemented during emergency situations.

Who Must Take this Course?

This MSHA Surface Mining Emergency Procedures Overview online training course is primarily meant for safety personnel, operators, transport service providers, managers, supervisors, and all other individuals at surface mines.

Course Format

Our Surface Mining Emergency Procedures Overview online course is packed with high quality and easy to understand content, graphical representations, audio presentations and several self-check questions for better performance in the final exam.

Each student upon successful completion will get a hard copy of completion certificate and can print a wallet card.

Continuing education credits?

Each student will receive 0.2 CEUs (or 2 CMEs) for completing this course.

Topics Covered

  • About This Course
  • Course Objectives
  • Introduction to the MSHA Surface Mining Emergency Procedures Overview Training Course
    • Accident Statistics
    • General Causes of Mining Accidents
    • Applicability
    • Key Terms and Definitions
    • Site-specific Hazard Awareness Training
    • Recordkeeping
  • Emergency Procedures Overview
    • Reporting Accidents
    • Dirty Dozen
    • Crisis Situations
    • Emergency Response Plan
    • Emergency Response Plan Checklist
  • Types of Emergencies
    • Fires and Explosions
    • Personal Injury
    • Falls and Falling Material
    • Mechanical Failure
    • Electrical Hazards
    • Vehicular Emergencies
    • Acts of Nature
    • Mine Security
  • Communicating Emergencies and Implementing Rescue Operations
    • Rescue Operations
    • Self-Rescue Devices
  • First Aid
    • Training
    • Tools
    • First Aid Versus Medical Treatment
  • Summary
  • Additional Resources
  • Exam