Safety Diploma Course

OSHA Confined Space Entry


Working in confined space comes under the hazardous occupations and hence driven by a set of federal regulations to safeguard workers from various workplace risks and hazards.

This online course is specially designed to adhere to the regulations as prescribed by OSHA for workers assigned to enter confined spaces for various tasks. Students joining this course are informed about various hazards involved in confined spaces, how effectively they can manage those risks and maximize safety standards and federal regulations which are formulated for such occupations.

The course aims to provide clear understanding on hazardous conditions, quality of competent persons and acceptable safe work conditions. While regulations mandate that every person who enter confined space should be competent person, this course addresses towards responsibilities for entrants and attendants.

Governing regulations

This safety training course provides an overview of the training requirements prescribed by the OSHA 29 CFR § 1910.146 Permit-required and Non-permit Confined Spaces Standard.

Course Overview

Our online training course provides complete analysis of OSHA Confined Spaces regulations which are formed for competent entrants and attendants. Students are educated about the basic concepts and general regulations, which include safe methods and safety standards that competent entrants and attendants must adhere to before, during, and after each confined space entry.

Who Must Take this Course?

Confined entry restriction and permit requires specialized qualification which OSHA prescribed for tose who enter into confined space as part of their daily work schedule. Hence apart from entrants and attendants who are assigned to work in such un-friendly work conditions, those who frequently enter and exit confined work areas and also work place managers and supervisors must join this course to acquire competency which can help to work without incidents and also enhance career prospects.

Course Format

Our OSHA Permit required and Non-permit Confined Space Entry Training course is made with specialized content made by experts in the similar field which includes self-check questions, audio and graphical examples and case studies to make students confident to face the final exam.

Each student upon successful completion of the course will receive a Hard copy of completion certificate an also a printed wallet card.

Continuing education credits?

Each candidate is entitled for 0.2 CEUs (or 2 CMEs) after completing this course.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to OSHA Confined Space Entry Training Course
    • Types of Confined Spaces
    • Applicability
    • Key Terms
    • Incidents and Statistics
    • Regulatory Agencies
  • Entry Requirements
    • PRCS Entry Permit
    • PRCS Written Program
    • Responsibilities: Entrants
    • Responsibilities: Attendants
    • Other Responsibilities
    • Hot Work
    • Non-permit Required Confined Spaces
    • Training
    • Hot Work Training
    • Training Documentation
  • Hazard Recognition
    • Oxygen Deficient Environment
    • Oxygen Enriched Environment
    • Configuration Hazards
    • Hazardous Atmospheres
    • Other Potential Hazards
    • Atmospheric Testing
    • Measuring Exposure Levels
    • Safety Controls
  • Hazard Classification System
    • Hazard Classes
    • NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
    • Safety Data Sheets
  • Labeling
    • NFPA Labels
    • DOT Labels
    • OSHA Labels
    • Pipe Labels
  • Hot Work, Welding, and Emergency Response
    • Hot Work Safety Practices
    • Authorized Entrant Responsibilities
    • Gas Welding and Cutting
    • Cylinder Safety
    • Arc Welding and Cutting
    • Emergency Response
  • Summary
  • Additional Resources
  • Exam