Safety Diploma Course

OSHA Construction Scaffolding Training Course


Every year about 9 % of fatalities reported in construction sites can be attributed to scaffolding related events which account for 9700 injuries and 79 deaths. This calls for urgent need to protect construction workers from hazards and risks associated with faulty and sub-standard scaffolding structures and material.

This online safety course complies with the training standards of OSHA to educate workers and students on various risks and hazards associated with erecting, using and dismantling different types of scaffoldings used in construction industry. It also provides an overview of risk control, regulations and responsibilities of workers and employers.

Governing regulations

This online construction scaffold safety certification course has been formulated to satisfy the rules prepared by OSHA 29 CFR § 1926 Subpart L Scaffolds Safety Standards which intend to provide safety to construction workers from scaffolding related incidents.

Course Overview

The safety course has been made to provide a complete overview of the safety standards for scaffoldings used in construction industry and how to safe guard workers and people from the risks and hazards associated with erecting, using and removing scaffoldings. Students also get to know the prevailing regulations, safety standards to be followed, safe work practices, hazard identification procedures and quality control practices as laid down by OSHA.

Who Must Take this Course?

As per OSHA 29 CFR § 1926.454 Training standards, which also clarifies the requirements of § 1926.21(b)(2) as these relate to the risks associated with faulty scaffolds.

(a) This section emphasizes that employers must ensure that their workers get proper training on scaffolding by qualified trainers to understand the risks associated with the types of scaffold used and to know the control measures to minimize such incidents.

Course Format

Our OSHA Construction Scaffolding Safety training has been bundled with quality training course material along with information on case studies, well researched graphical details, audio presentations and good number of practice questions to clear the final exam.

Once successfully completed, every candidate will be provided with hard copy of completion certificate along with a printable wallet card.

Continuing education credits?

Each participant is entitled for 0.6 CEUs (or 6 CMEs) certification after completing this course.

Topics Covered

  • About this course
  • Hazards overview
  • OSHA overview
  • About scaffold hazards
  • Types of scaffolds
  • Scaffold worker groupings
  • OSHA scaffold standard highlights
  • Scaffold capacity
  • Scaffold platform construction
  • Suspended scaffolds
  • Anchorage
  • Support
  • Access
  • Fall protection
  • Platform
  • Stability
  • Electrical hazards
  • Personnel Training and Competent Persons
  • Wood planking
  • Single-point adjustable scaffolds
  • Catenary scaffolds
  • Multi-point adjustable scaffolds
  • Interior hung scaffolds
  • Needle beam scaffolds
  • Multi-level scaffolds
  • Float (ship) scaffolds
  • Supported scaffolds
  • Mobile scaffolds
  • Pump jack scaffolds
  • Ladder jack scaffolds
  • Tube and Coupler scaffolds
  • Pole scaffolds
  • Specialty and other scaffolds
  • Aerial scaffolds
  • Training and retraining
  • Inspections