Safety Diploma Course

Workplace First Aid Training Course


First aid is an emergency medical care given to an injured or indisposed person in a workplace before the trained medical professionals provide further treatment in an authorized healthcare centre.

Both supervisors and workers in any industrial environment have equal responsibility to ensure that their workplaces implement first aid program properly. This training course is focused on making learners achieve broader understanding on best possible ways to develop and implement first aid training programs for workers.

Learners get to know different first aid methods and procedures which are provided to the indisposed workers in an occupational setting. Students learn about importance of providing initial medical assistance before the arrival of professional health experts for enhanced treatment.

Governing regulations

As per the prevailing government regulations, Section 1910 of 29 CFR underlines the OSHA-defined first aid standards are applicable for general industries, while Section 1926 of 29 CFR meets the first aid procedures followed in construction industry.

Apart from this, the course also educates students on Sections 56, 57, 75, and 77 of 30 CFR which cover the MSHA-defined first aid methods in both underground and surface mining work environments.

Course Overview

Occupational risks and hazards can lead to accidents and injuries. Hence workplaces should have a qualified first aid provider who should be trained to provide initial medical assistance to the affected or indisposed workers before the arrival of recognized medical service. The course provides complete information on general emergency medical aid for different kinds of injuries and emergency conditions apart from educating students about prevailing standards and legislations for compliance.

Who Must Take this Course?

General first aid procedures and training should be provided to everyone in an organization. From employers, managers, supervisors to common workers, all should be provided adequate training to handle first aid equipments and implement emergency medical assistance at the time of need. Hence it is necessary that everyone should take this online training program.

Course Format

Our Workplace First Aid training provides all learners with excellent learning materials having well-researched content, graphical and audio presentations and self-test questions for better preparation for the final exam.

Each student upon successful completion of the course will get a Hard copy of completion certificate along with a printable wallet card.

Continuing education credits?

Each student will receive 0.2 CEUs (or 2 CMEs) for completing this e-learning course.

Topics Covered

  • About This Course
  • Course Objectives
  • Introduction to First Aid Overview and Training
    • Key Terms
    • OSHA Requirements
    • MSHA Requirements
    • State Laws
    • Responsibilities
  • Overview of First Aid Programs and Requirements
    • Core Elements for a Program
    • Risk Assessment
    • Designing a Program
    • Prevention
    • Preparedness
    • First Aid Program Requirements
    • OSHA General Requirements: General Industries
    • OSHA General Requirements: Construction
    • OSHA First-Aid Kit Requirements: General Industries
    • OSHA First-Aid Kit Requirements: Construction
    • MSHA General Requirements: Mining
    • MSHA General Requirements: HazCom Training
    • MSHA First-Aid Kit Requirements
    • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Plan
    • Best Practices for First Aid Program Compliance
  • Implementing a First Aid Training Program
    • Teaching Response in a Health Emergency
    • Teaching Scene Assessment
    • Training Assessment and Refresher Training
    • External Certifications
  • Considerations Prior to Providing First Aid
    • First Aid Responder Responsibilities
    • Preparatory Actions Before Administering First Aid
    • Critical Incident Stress Management Overview
    • Critical Incident Stress Management Techniques
    • Ethics and Legality of Administering First Aid
    • Barriers to First Aid
    • Situational Assessment
    • Non-Life Threatening Emergencies
    • Life-Threatening Emergencies
    • Communicating in an Emergency: General Industries/Construction
    • Communicating in an Emergency: Mining
    • Evaluating a Patient
  • Types of First Aid
    • First Aid Versus Medical Treatment
    • Airway First Aid
    • CPR Procedures
    • AED Procedures
    • Conscious Choking
    • Controlling External Bleeding
    • First Aid Care for Burns
    • First Aid Care for Poisoning
    • First Aid Care for Head, Neck, or Spinal Injuries
    • First Aid Care for Stroke Victims
  • Summary
  • Additional Resources
  • Exam