Become an International HSE Professional with NEBOSH Certification

Become an International HSE Professional with NEBOSH Certification

Want to have a great career in health and safety? Your first step should be to zero-in on an internationally recognized certification from a reputed institution. And NEBOSH should be on the top of your ‘Best’ safety certifications list.

NEBOSH is a UK-based safety certificate provider through their widely acceptable and industry-friendly certifications for both aspiring students, who want to begin a career in health and safety, and also for experienced people, who want professional advancement.

Who can do NEBOSH?

  • For those seeking internationally repute safety certifications which have world-wide recognition and employability
  • For those aiming for a long and successful career in health and safety sector
  • For those wanting to enhance knowledge and skills for professional growth.
  • For those wanting to pursue advance level qualifications in health and safety and become charted safety professionals.

Gain for employers

Industries employing NEBOSH certified professionals as safety managers stand to gain a lot in many ways than one. There are reasons for making NEBOSH as mandatory qualification for employing OHS experts. They are…

  • Employers can gather broad insight into critical health and safety issues and take appropriate measures.
  • Having qualified safety officers and alert safety personnel means less chance of untoward incidents involving workers.
  • Enterprises having qualified safety professionals improve reputation among customers, competitors, government agencies and stake-holders.
  • Reduce in number of accidents and shut-downs will improve productivity and employee confidence.
  • Recurring cost due to accidents, workers ill-health, compensation and insurance payouts and other incidental expenses will be reduced which will have a great impact on the company’s annual balance-sheet.
  • Safety compliance and other mandatory regulations will avoid penalties and prosecution.
  • Providing safety to workers will also ensure healthy and safe environment for the nearby communities.
What will you gain from NEBOSH training?

Candidates joining NEBOSH training in a reputed institution can look for a bright career. Some of the most promising advantages are:

 Candidates get wide international recognition from employers, industries and government agencies as they are considered to be the best HSE professionals.

 NEBOSH course in India from an accredited institution like Green World Group will bring out the best out of the candidates and make them knowledgeable and highly skilled to manage all types of work environments.

 NEBOSH qualification will further encourage students to secure post graduation certifications in health and safety from reputed international boards or institutions.

 Industries give special attention to those having NEBOSH certification as part of their academic profile.

 NEBOSH training can help the employed people to scale up further in their career ladder and can aim for high-profile memberships from leading safety boards and institutions.

 Apart from gaining exceptional employment benefits, NEBOSH certification can help candidates to pursue career such as independent safety advisor, chartered safety and health analysts, environmental safety engineers, etc.

Top NEBOSH Courses

Depending upon one’s ambition, aspirations, and knowledge on health and safety, candidates can opt for suitable NEBOSH courses. Some of the most outstanding and high-on demand NEHOSH courses available at Green World Group are NEBOSH IGC, NEBOSH International Diploma, NEBOSH ITC (Oil Gas) and NEHOSH IFC and NEBOSH health and safety work.

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