Defensive Driving Training

Defensive Driving Training

Green World Group delivered the In-company Face to Face training program on the topic of Defensive Driving for our prestigious client Technip Energies, India (100 Delegates) which was led by our skilled tutor Mr.Hormuz Siodia

Defensive Driving Training:

Defensive Driving training is intended to provide road users with the required information and abilities about road safety problems. This also aids in addressing some of the most prevalent driving offenses that may result in a collision and establishing knowledge of modifying driving behaviors, hence eliminating moving violations.

Importance of Defensive Driving Training:

It is critical that when someone learns to drive, he or she also learns the regulations of the road.

  • It entails becoming aware of potential threats and road hazards.
  • The primary purpose here is to prevent accidents and injury among drivers.
  • Make individuals aware of the risks of driving and provide them with the tools to deal with them.


Right from the reduced insurance costs to an increased sense of personal responsibility, there are numerous benefits that you get from the training.

  • Lowered risk of losing the license
  • Most insurance providers offer incentives that help in getting reduced insurance premiums
  • Learn the necessary skills to react to various hazards safely.
  • Ensures the safety of a person while traveling the roadways.
  • Teach and develop the understanding of safe and accident-free driving techniques.

Training by Green World Group:

When you are behind the wheel of a car, you are responsible for safe driving and must take all necessary measures. Green World Group provides a variety of courses and industry-specific training programs that aid in the establishment of International safety standards.

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