Fid aid Training in Munich

Fid aid Training in Munich


Green World Group expresses its extreme happiness in delivering First Aid Training, both theory and Practical sessions, to a leading global reinsurance company based in Germany on 12.10.2023 at Mumbai. The training was very valuable as it is a must-know topic in the workplace and contained some key takeaways that can be put into practice for prompt response. We would like to say huge thanks to the participants for expressing their great experiences making the session dynamic and very active.

About Our Client Munich Re:

Munich Re operates on a global scale, which means it conducts business and offers its services to clients worldwide. Munich Re primarily operates in the reinsurance sector. Reinsurance is a critical component of the insurance industry, involving the transfer of risk from primary insurance companies to reinsurance companies like Munich Re. This enables primary insurers to manage their exposure to large and catastrophic losses. Munich Re provides reinsurance solutions to insurers and reinsurers across the globe, helping them manage risk effectively.

Prioritizing Safety and First Aid Training: A Vital Initiative by Green World Group:

If an unforeseen or unfortunate accident or incident happens, being aware of basic first aid skills is of utmost importance to reduce the chances of fatality and to promote the recovery of the victim before medical help arrives. A survey conducted by Lybrate, an online doctor consultation platform, shows that 98% of the population of India is not trained in basic life-saving techniques. Most deaths and impacts of injuries could be prevented if casualties are treated immediately with First Aid. Moreover, on looking into the statistics of 2020, in which many employers have lost 99 million days of labor due to work-related injuries, it is clear that fast and effective care is highly important.

As a responsible health and safety services provider, Green World Group aims to make our client’s employees be more conscious of a quicker recovery and increase their safety by giving them first-aid and life-saving skills and this first-aid training session stands for our commitment to safety to organizations.

First Aid training

All employees are exposed to various risks every day in their workplace. First aid training prepares the team to immediately respond to workplace injuries and ensure they stay on the job safely. First aid training provides employees with the right skills and knowledge to give initial medical assistance till professional medical help arrives and helps to prevent the situation from worsening.

Why Green World?

Green World Group is a globally leading health and safety provider and consultancy services that empower organizations and individuals to drive growth by equipping the knowledge, and processes needed to work safely and meet higher standards. We are working towards creating safer and more productive workplaces by delivering real-time experiences to employees educating them on various safety measures and improving their morale at the workplace.

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