Road Safety Management at Attang Tollway

Road Safety Management at Attang Tollway


Green World Group shares its pleasure of delivering Road safety management (Theory and Practical) training to the leading road infrastructures in Bangalore, on 5th October 2023. The training session is quite insightful and is well-designed with practical elements to improve the understanding of the participants about Road Safety. We are happy that we heard some fantastic feedback about the training session.

About our client Athaang Infrastructures:

Athaang Infrastructures is committed to improving the road infrastructures of India. The company is intended to bring world-class technical and operating standards to the roads, integrated with the highest safety norms. Apart from capital commitment, Athaang also strives to accomplish value creation through its core focus on building a strong Environmental and Social Management System, ultimately increasing the safety on our roads

Road Safety Management

Road Safety Management training is designed to prepare and improve road safety performance and create a safe driving environment for all road users. This is an essential introduction to road safety aspects and deepens knowledge and skills for the road safety ecosystem.

Importance of Road Safety:

Road safety management is an essential aspect that has to be followed at all times to ensure the safety of the drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Road safety continues to be an important consideration and road users and drivers are exposed to the inherent dangers of road accidents. Statistics say that 4,12,432 road accidents have been reported in India in 2021, where 1,53,972 lost their lives and 3,84,448 persons were injured. This makes it evident that it is necessary to provide road safety information for existing and prospective road users on safer road behaviors.

Why Green World?

Green World believes that road safety management is as critical as other basic survival skills. With road safety matters to organizations of all sizes, it is important to prioritize road safety as an essential part of workplace safety. All users should have access to safe roads and equipping road safety information is the key to this.

Green World Group is a leader in providing expert health and safety solutions and consultancy services to clients across the world, helping businesses to keep their employees safe and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. We are backed by a wide portfolio of services that effectively address the potential safety challenges encountered by organizations of various sectors.

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