First Aid and Fire Fighting training  at AMAZON

First Aid and Fire Fighting training at AMAZON


It’s always a pleasure to wrap up successful training sessions for our esteemed clients. We are happy and appreciate our in-house training team for their remarkable work on delivering topics First Aid and Fire Fighting training to the client AMAZON, Mumbai on 23.02.23.

We sincerely appreciate Mr.Tauhid for the excellent training sessions that have been delivered in a concise and clear manner.


First aid training

First aid training is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge on effectively responding in an emergency situation. This training imparts the comprehensive set of skills and knowledge needed by first aiders in delivering basic care to an injured or sick person before the arrival of professional medical help.

Scope of the training

One of the biggest scopes of this training is to save the lives of people in critical situations. This training ensures the staff and workers are confident and capable to handle emergency situations like workplace injuries.

Firefighting training

This course is specially designed to enable the participants with the knowledge and necessary skills to prevent fires in the workplace, gives awareness of the dangers of fire, and educate them on what to do if a fire event takes place.

Why Green World?

Green World Group is proud to be an established leader in rendering customized health and safety training and consultancy services that make organizations competent in the safety and health aspects, reduce risks and ensure effective occupational health and safety standards are in place for the protection of employees.

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