First Aid and Fire safety training

First Aid and Fire safety training


Green World Group is tremendously pleased at delivering training sessions on essential topics of First Aid and Fire safety training to a leading healthcare technology company that leverages technology for simplifying healthcare. Our in-house training team is flooded with positive feedback and we are glad about that.

First Aid Training

The First aid training equips the participants with the skills and knowledge required to recognize and respond to medical emergencies and provides immediate medical assistance before the professional medical team arrives at the scene.

This training gives the participants the confidence and ability to react immediately to an injury, incident, or illness and save lives with prompt actions.

Fire safety training

The Fire Safety training helps participants to have knowledge of the potential hazards and risks related to fire and educates them with essential skills to prevent and respond to fire emergencies. This training is designed to avoid fire in the workplace and if in case of a fire, makes sure that the employees and staff are prepared to respond quickly and evacuate safely from the place.

Why Green World?

Green World Group has pioneered safety through its wide range of health and safety solutions and consultancy services. We are passionately committed to helping organizations with all the necessary guidance, training, and auditing services to take them on the path of an effective safety culture. It is our practical experience that allows us to deliver world-class solutions that help to reduce the chances of risks and hazards and keep the business and people safe.

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