Working at height safety & First Aid safety Training

Working at height safety & First Aid safety Training


It is such a great moment for Green World Group’s in-house training team to deliver valuable sessions on the topics of working at height safety and First aid safety for the delegates of a leading e-commerce company in Pune, on 17-08-2023 and 18-08-2023. Thanks for the participants sharing their positive feedback toward the sessions and it means a lot to our training team.

Working at height safety training

This working at height safety training is designed to make the workers aware of taking the necessary safety measures when working at height and educate them on anticipating the risks of fall hazards in the workplace.

The participants will learn about the potential fall hazards and actionable steps to be taken to mitigate the risks related to the falls. The training also deals with delegating the knowledge of handling specific situations, and jobs and equipment that might be necessary to safely conduct the work.

First Aid safety training

The First Aid safety training is intended at delivering the essential skills to the participants needed for offering immediate attention to someone who suffers from an accident, or injury. Undergoing this training ensures the learners gain insights on reacting to workplace injuries or illnesses more effectively and quickly and thus reducing the recovery time.

This training makes the participants feel more confident in delivering assistance during an emergency before the medical team arrives.

Why Green World?

Green World Group offers comprehensive health and safety training and consultancy services to a diverse range of industries. We specialize in designing HSE solutions that specifically fit into the unique nature of an organization. We are committed to establishing and maintaining much safer working environments where risks and hazards are minimized.

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