First Aid and Fire safety Training at Veradigm

First Aid and Fire safety Training at Veradigm


Green World Group is more than happy in sharing the moment of delivering First Aid and Fire safety training to a leading healthcare technology company that leverages technology to simplify healthcare, on 11th August 2023. We receive a lot of positive feedback about the training sessions that empower our in-house training team to deliver more effective sessions in the future

First Aid training

The First Aid training helps individuals to recognize emergency medical situations and ensure they are equipped with the awareness of the actions to take before a qualified professional medical arrives on the scene. This training delivers the learners the confidence to respond quickly to the situation and makes sure the casualty receives immediate medical assistance.

Fire safety training

This fire safety training is intended to raise awareness of fire risks and hazards in the workplace, recognize the impact of fire incidents, and how to act proactively and safely in the event of a fire situation. This training aimed at reducing fire risks by promoting fire safety awareness and organizing quick and safe evacuations.

Why Green World?

Green World Group has been a specialized provider of health and safety consultancy and services since 2006. We understand that attention to safety is very crucial for organizations and hence we offer a full range of occupational safety and health services that are required to keep employees and staff at work to be safe. We deliver businesses with industry-focused health and safety solutions that make access to enjoyable and safer workplaces.

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