First Aid Training at Innomech aerospace tooling Pvt Ltd

First Aid Training at Innomech aerospace tooling Pvt Ltd


It’s the pleasure of Green World Group to let you know that we have delivered an effective face-to-face First Aid Training to the client Innomech aerospace tooling Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, on 8th June 2023. Mr.Senthil, the tutor of the session has made the training lively and more comprehensible.

First Aid Training

Accidents may occur at any time and anywhere. That’s why first aid training is crucial for the employees to improve their abilities in dealing with emergencies, in case of an incident.

This first aid training explains assessing and safely administering first aid and avoids the situation becoming worsening and reduces the impacts. This training builds the confidence of the employees in immediately reacting to an incident, illness, or injury.

Why Green World?

Green World Group has the topmost desire to protect people from risks and hazards and ensure organizations enjoy peace of mind with an improved safe workforce. We strive continuously to deliver the latest safety training services and solutions for better safety management.

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