General Awareness on Laser Safety at Narayana Health

General Awareness on Laser Safety at Narayana Health


Green World Group is so happy to share one of the best moments of delivering General Awareness on Laser Safety to our valued client Narayana Health on 4th March 2023. Thanks to Mr. Hormuz, you have done so well in the training session that it was energizing and enlightening.

General Awareness on Laser Safety

This training provides an overview of fundamental concepts of lasers, types of lasers, potential health hazards, common accidents, and emergency procedures, safety standards of different industries, risk control measures, and best safety practices & general hazard control measures to be followed when operating laser equipment to personnel such as workers, laser operators and people who handle/assigned to work in laser-fitted environments.

Participants are encouraged to enrich their knowledge on the awareness of adhering to the Governing regulations of the OSHA General Industry for laser safety.

Why Green World?

Green World Group has a rich history of 16+ years in helping organizations to build safe working cultures and best practices to promote the health and safety of workers and staff. At Green World, we foster a culture where the workers are properly and efficiently trained to meet the industrial standards for safety.

We have an extensive portfolio of health & safety consultancy services and courses that can be individually put in to meet specific industrial needs.

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