General Health and Safety at Workplace

General Health and Safety at Workplace


Green World is pleased to make you know that our in-house training team has successfully delivered insightful thoughts on General Health and Safety at Workplace for our client JCDecaux on 07.12.22. Thanking our tutor Mr.Varun Vignesh for transforming the participants into confident learners with his expertise.


General Health and Safety At Workplace Training

The General health & safety at workplace training is aimed to provide a basic understanding of health and safety practices, systems, awareness of various risks and hazards in the working environment, and responsibilities of employers & employees in mitigating hazards and ensuring a working environment that remains safe for everyone.

Why do you need General Health and Safety At Workplace Training?

Having a good understanding of general health and safety practices in the workplace helps everyone to work in a safer way. This training supports employees to know the potential risks related to their work environment, and recognize the critical hazards that may bring threats to their health and safety.

Why Green World?

Driven by the vision of building safer workforces and workplaces, Green World offers a full range of health and safety consultancy and services to clients throughout the world. Our bespoke training ensures clients meet their unique needs for health and safety environments.

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