HR / Manpower Consultancy Services

HR / Manpower Consultancy Services

HR / Manpower Consultancy Services

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Manpower consultancies are third-party recruiters gives an ideal solution for businesses to find the best talent and get placed with suitable job profiles without losing time, energy, and other resources. Green World is a one of the most promising consultancy service provider mainly in the field of recruitment, staffing services and Hr solutions which enables our client to achieve their production efficiency within a desired budget.

Our HR solutions

1. Regular Hire

We conduct a search for hiring suitable employees with proper screening and help you to focus on your core competency without worrying about staffing shortages. We serve you as your HR Department by providing qualified candidates with the full capacity to handle all your organizational needs.

2. Part time

We are not only supporting large-scale organizations. We also provide HR services to a smaller Organization as per your requirements. Usually, smaller organizations do not need a full-time HR resource, where we help to ease your task as a part-time supporter to identify candidates either as direct hire employees or as a consultant.

3. Interim Staffing

We understand the importance of meeting the unique and complex staffing challenges faced by the organization. We ensure the interim staffing services to your organization on backfilling the employee vacancies on a temporary or contract basis to cover special projects and increased workload.

4. Project Based

We help you to recruit talented employees as per your project requirement and making them to understand the agreement on contract basis. We select highly skilled consultants having basic knowledge according to your firm and helps to make your project done and process efficient work environment.

Need Experts Help

Green World provides technical and skilled manpower hiring and supply services in a cross-functional industry. We are the eminent selector of HR manpower services, having highly qualified professionals who hire every individual with a deeper understanding of your company’s needs. Green world offers more services like ISO Certification consultancy services, Fire safety services, HSE auditing services and many more services. Team up with Green World and achieve your business goals with True manpower Consultants.


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