What is NEBOSH Incident Investigation Course?

What is NEBOSH Incident Investigation Course?

Incident investigation and work-related accident analysis are vital aspects of a robust health and safety environment. A successful incident investigation will detect, analyze, and evaluate an occurrence and assist in determining the fundamental causes of the incident in order to reduce and avoid such accidents.

Importance of Incident Investigation:

Incident Investigations are essential to every organization. It is designed to uncover the cause of an incident, detect harmful circumstances or activities, and offer remedial steps to ensure that similar things do not happen again. Rather than accusing, the main goal is to prevent accidents. If any accidents in the workplace, Employees must take appropriate measures without unnecessary delay and then report to the management.


  • Control or remove the incident’s hazards.
  • Secure the Location to prevent additional damage or disruption of evidence.
  • Provide First Aid if necessary
  • Contact the management immediately
  • Before destroying any evidence, begin preserving evidence that may be required for the following inquiry, such as photographing aspects of the scene.

Incident Investigation Techniques:

Following the occurrence, you should interview in private or perform an investigation near the area of the incident. You should think about your inquiries ahead of time and offer open-ended explorations that enable the subject to narrate the story on their terms. In an incident inquiry, 5 WH questions and 1 H question assesses required (i.e.) WHO-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE-WHY & HOW.

Benefits of Learning NEBOSH Incident Investigation:

NEBOSH has created a new course called NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation in partnership with the British Health and Safety Regulator, The Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Managers, Supervisors, Health and Safety Champions, and Health and Safety Practitioners will benefit from this qualification. If small mishaps and near misses are thoroughly examined, organizations may avoid more significant or catastrophic incidents from occurring in the future. Accidents must be thoroughly investigated, and near misses will aid in determining the actual root cause and implementing necessary control measures to prevent it from happening again.

After completing this certification, you will be prepared to conduct an unassisted incident investigation of a non-complex occurrence. This NEBOSH certification from Green World Group may walk you through the four phases of conducting an effective incident investigation. This involves teaching you how to identify the immediate, underlying, and primary causes of occurrences. Interviewing witnesses is a vital skill for an incident investigator. This Training also briefs on PEACE interviewing techniques. This qualification may also enable you to participate in team investigations of larger-scale accidents due to the knowledge, understanding, and abilities you may develop.

Incident Investigation Training by Green World Group:

Green World Group is the certified NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner, and the institute has delivered 1200+ NEBOSH training Batches. As a health and safety educational adviser to students and businesses, we provide transparency in providing educational and career counseling to aspiring HSE professionals so that they may develop a successful career in workplace safety and health.

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