“The earth is a fine place and worth fighting for”-                                                                                                                        Ernest Hemingway

Every year 5th June is being celebrated as world environment Day which was declared by United Nations in general assembly in the year 1972. This year the theme of world environment Day is ” ecosystem restoration“ unfortunately we the human beings have been exploiting and destroying the planet‘s ecosystem. The world environment Day fundamentally helps us to rethink our bonding with living world natural ecosystem and biodiversity and enhance its restoration by preventing Halting and reversing the damage i.e from exploiting nature to healing it.

Restoring the ecosystem can be done in many simple ways like

  • Planting more samplings
  • Avoid cutting trees
  • Avoid using plastics
  • Removing non-native species

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On this day green world group would like to insist public to follow above mentioned few tips that helps to restore our ecosystem which would saves our mother land

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