8 Safety tips for working at height

8 Safety tips for working at height

8 Safety Tips for Working at Height

While Working, Work at height is a major safety concern faced in the Workplace. Work at height is defined as the person working at any place 4m above or below the ground level may have a higher chance to trip or fall and get injured by themselves.

Usually, the risk may happen to the person falling from

  • Fragile roofs
  • Ladders
  • Stairwells
  • Unprotected lifts

Safety Tips:

The organization should provide proper safety measures for an employee before assigning work.
1. Ensure Safety training program: Organization should conduct proper HSE training for working individuals to be aware of personal safety and how to ensure risk management.
2. Make use of Railing: it stabilizes a person by providing external support minimizing the fall risk, and keeps workers safe while working at height.
3. Wear PPE: Personal protective equipment will keep the employee safe from Injuries. It includes a helmet, gloves, medical masks, respirators, aprons, eye protection glass, and work shoes.
4. Use proper work at height equipment: Maintain proper equipment like lanyards, harnesses, ropes, shock absorbers, pole straps, and rescue equipment while working.
5. Analyse your fall distance: Calculating fall distance helps a person find a different solution and makes them understand the fall protection risk.
6. Set anchor Point: It fully supports the fall protection, which is fixed above the head and tightened into lanyards.
7. Attain your work using Ariel lifts: Aerial lifts can make the task completion at elevation safer and more efficient. It helps to lift a person working at various heights.
8. Use ladders properly: While using a ladder, Workers must check the position of the ladder is properly fixed on the Ground or not.

Who can study Work at Height Safety Training?

  • Supervisors
  • Contractors
  • Self-employed workers
  • Any person who works at a height can value this training to prove that they are an experienced and safe Employee.

Benefits of Working at height Safety Certification:

  • The employee can gain adequate skills in selecting and fixing safety equipment while working at height and making it ready to use.
  • It helps to identify and minimize the potential risks in working place.
  • It provides confidence in taking proper preventive actions.

Our Recent project

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