Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management

Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management

Workers need to be protected from various hazards and risks while performing their duties at workplaces, which otherwise will lead to serious injuries, fatal accidents, health disorders and hence loss of employment and productivity.

Hence to prevent workers getting affected from unprotected environments, the government, with the help of health experts, has formulated safety codes, regulations, mandatory preventive methods and protective machinery and tools to avoid mishaps, reduce impacts and prevent environment from getting polluted from hazardous substances, chemicals, and poisonous gases.

Industries which are not complied with the safety regulations are running the risk of exposing skilled workers, management staff and people living in the vicinity to dangers and health hazards which will have long term impacts on their lives. Every manufacturing unit, where employees face risks and dangers to their lives, needs to implement safety measure and regular checks to prevent frequent shutdowns and losses due to accidents.

Since the immediate environment will get affected due to unsafe work conditions, employers need to implement regulatory measures strictly for the smooth functioning of their enterprises.

Companies where the manufacturing processes use hazardous substances as raw materials and involve scores of dangers and risks to workers, require safety officer to implement safety standards and regulations in the work environments and build awareness on following mandatory practices and importance of remaining safe and healthy.

Every work place needs to have a qualified safety personnel headed by a senior safety officer who is responsible for the health and safety of the entire workforce and also the wellbeing of people in the surrounding areas.


The Advanced Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety (ADOSHEM) is a government recognized Safety officer course ideal for those aiming to function as safety managers, HSE research and analysts and Occupational health and safety practitioners and auditors. The one year advanced safety course, offered through distance education mode, is aimed at further enhancing the safety knowledge, research skills and practical implementation of international safety regulations, so as to make the candidate a successful HSE manager.

Some of the topics covered in the advanced BSS diploma in workplace safety are effective management of health and safety, environment management and effective implementation of international safety and health standards in all work environments.

BSS Diplomas

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BSS safety diplomas are the most preferable HSE training for employers engaging quality safety professional for their organizations. Not only in India, health and safety course, which can be studied through e-learning, will be a valid immigration document for those seeking employment abroad.

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