With Diploma in Electrical Safety, Become a HSE Expert in Power Sector

With Diploma in Electrical Safety, Become a HSE Expert in Power Sector

Electricity has become a lifeline for us without which the world will come to a standstill. Our daily life will be tossed into utter chaos if we are made to live without electricity. It is unimaginable to see the cities go under darkness and factories, enterprises and industries remain shut for lack of power.

Electricity can be safe and highly productive when utilized under prescribed safe parameters. Electricity related accidents can be catastrophic and destructive which can lead to large-scale damages to properties and loss of human lives.

Whether it is for domestic use or commercial purposes, electrical power utility should be combined with adequate safety and protective measures along with usage of quality products and involvement of efficient and skilled professionals.

Electrical industry, where the generation and transmission of power involves diverse and complicated processes, follows critical safety methods, regulations and practices to prevent workplace accidents, losses and associated repercussions.

As every industry or work environment requires electricity to run the business, accidents and loss due to electricity-related incidents, can be prevented if employers put adequate safety measures and practices in force which are properly regulated by highly competent safety professionals.

As everyone is vulnerable to electricity related accidents, it is imperative that people in the workplaces – from employers, technicians, managers, electrical system designers, to engineers, architects, electricians and inspectors, must strictly adhere to all critical safety regulations, measures, practices and standards as denoted by National Electrical Code, OSHA and NFPA 70E.

To keep workplaces free of electricity-related accidents, fire hazards and risks, employers engage qualified and experienced health and safety professionals and managers who should have internationally recognized qualifications such as diploma in electricity safety.

Course Overview

The diploma certification in electricity safety at Green World Group, which is the most favored electrical safety course in India, provides updated safety regulations, procedures and standard practices to delegates and makes them highly competent in protecting employees and others in any work environment from electricity related incidents.

The electrical safety training courses also emphasize that students gain practical knowledge and skills in dealing with risks involved in power generation, transmission and distribution sectors and makes them expertise in enforcing effective safety practices at all times.

The electrical safety certificate can propel the prospects of students to get excellent career placements in leading public and private sector enterprises in India.

Students are provided with the study material for the Govt. approved safety diploma course prepared by the experts from the prestigious Princeton Energy Resources International (PERI), a global energy and environmental consulting firm.

Over the past several decades, PERI has been working closely with the experts in power sectors on several issues and has formulated procedures and norms in safety for workers associated with the power and allied industry. In the course material, PERI has shared several of its recommendations, precautions and safety practices along with references from international literature for workers and managers in the electricity sector.

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