AMAZON In-House-Training

AMAZON In-House-Training

Green World delivered a dynamic In-company training via face-to-face to the delegates of our prestigious client “AMAZON, India- Ahmedabad site”. These sessions were led by our experienced tutors with a wealth of experience across different industries.

We offered a list of valuable safety courses below to our client.

  • EHS Training
  • First-Aid Training
  • Fire Fighting Training
  • Confined Space Training

EHS Training:

Client: Amazon, India
Training Name: EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) Training
Tutor: Mr. Veldhi Sai
Location: Ahmedabad, India
Training Date: 14-09-2022

Environment, Health, and Safety training implicate the rules and regulations followed by the organization in their work premises to affirm the safety of the employees working under them and mutually not cause any harm to the environment in the vicinity of the organization.

It focuses on improving workers’ safety, and their surroundings are free from hazards. It helps minimize the environmental impact to improve employee retention, productivity, brand image, and corporate growth.

Training Benefits:

  • EHS training helps to identify potential workplace risks by reducing accidents and preventing harmful situations and substances.
  • It makes you understand the methods of accident prevention, accident response, emergency preparedness, and use of protective clothing and equipment.
  • It helps the employee to reduce the disruption at the workplace and saves their business loss.

First Aid Training:

Client: Amazon, India
Training Name: First Aid Training
Tutor: Mr. Hormuz Siodia
Location: Ahmedabad, India
Training Date: 19-09-2022

First Aid is the medical attention given to someone injured or sick to prevent the situation from worsening before stepping into proper medical care. It is a life-saving course that sustainably reduces the risk of an injured person and provides primary medical care. A person with appropriate First-Aid training can only treat the injured person.

Training Benefits:

  • This training makes employees more aware of potential dangers, and creates confidence in performing initial safety care.
  • The person placed with first-aid training are the best to prevent accidents from the first instance at the workplace.
  • Employees can feel safe and sound within the organization when they are regularly trained and exercised with first aid lessons.

Fire Fighting Training:

Client: Amazon, India
Training Name: Fire Fighting Training
Tutor: Mr. Hormuz Siodia
Location: Ahmedabad, India
Training Date: 21-09-2022

Fire is a serious workplace hazard that inflicts property damage, injury or death, and can even result in employment losses because many burned-out buildings are not rebuilt.

Proper Employee training to the workers is the only way to stop these terrible events. The best way to minimize this hazard from starting is to educate your organization’s employees on Firefighting techniques.

Training Benefits:

  • Effective Firefighting training makes an individual perform immediate action to initiate prevention control plans while discovering a fire at the workplace.
  • This training provides knowledge on how to raise the alarm during a fire, the right location to fix firefighting equipment, the escape routes and the evacuation procedure.
  • The safety officers, Fire technicians, Emergency response and rescue personnel and Fire wardens can value this training.

Confined Space Training:

Client: Amazon, India
Training Name: Confined Space Training
Tutor: Mr. Hormuz Siodia
Location: Ahmedabad, India
Training Date: 22-09-2022

A Confine space is a limited or restricted area for entry or exit. It is a wide enclosed space that includes tanks, vessels, utility holes, tunnels, pipelines, hoppers, and storage bins.

Working in a confined space is a difficult task that produces serious injuries and fatalities. It can only be performed by trained or equipped workers who enter and work in confined spaces.

Training Benefits:

  • This training provides adequate knowledge on all aspects of safe working in confined spaces right from entry to exit level.
  • It makes you undertake proper equipment handling techniques which should be used inside the confined space.
  • This course is well-suited for employees working in a confined space Supervisors, Contract employees, and all workers with emergency rescue responsibilities can value this specialized training.

Why Green World Group:

Green World Group, the leading HSE training and consulting service provider, offers a wide selection of global health and safety courses in virtual/live, Face-Face training programs. We provide world-class training and practical demo sessions for Health and Safety Courses. We have experienced top-tiered professionals with 16+ years of work experience who can efficiently guide/mentor the employees. It is the right platform for safety professionals to learn various skills in Health and Safety Management.

Green World serves learners in 195 countries

Our presence: United Kingdom | UAE | India | Saudi Arabia | Canada

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