First Aid Training at Italian M Jewellery DMCC

First Aid Training at Italian M Jewellery DMCC

Green World implemented an effective In-company face-to face First Aid Awareness Training to the group of delegates of our prestigious client Italian M Jewellery DMCC, at Dubai on 7th September 2022. This training was led by our professional expert Mr. Varun Vignesh who has effective knowledge in this field.

5 Reasons Why First Aid Training is important For Employees

What is First Aid?

First Aid is an emergency care given to someone who has been injured or ill to minimize future disability. A person with basic safety training can perform First Aid, which helps individuals to eliminate medical emergencies at the workplace.

Why First Aid Training is important For Employees?

First aid training is of utmost importance for employees and the company to ensure proactive safety measures within the working premises.

1. Prevents catastrophes: The cost involved in training employees with first aid lessons is meagrely low compared to the hazards caused by any uncertainties. Trained employees can control the harmful situation not to become disastrous/worse.
2. Minimizes the accident: Proactive safety training session helps the employees to understand and exercise their methodologies in the work area. It teaches employees to engage in safety consciousness to minimize accidents and injuries.
3. Encourages a positive environment: Employees can feel safe and sound within the organization when they are continuously trained and exercised with first aid lessons.
4. Provides added safety training to employees: Certified employees in first aid training are valuable to an organization. Their existence offers that safety precautions are being strictly followed, and the safety standards are being maintained.
5. Practical usage of first aid kit: Proper First Aid Training helps individuals to use first aid kits effectively to keep victims stable before getting into medical care.

Benefits of training during accident occurrences:

  • It helps injured victims to experience less pain until professional medical attention arrives.
  • Stabilizing the victim before getting any medical care.
  • It ensures a safer ambiance and position to stop further damage to the victim.
  • Essential items are being utilized to ensure injuries are treated with minimal effect.
  • It gives support for easier breathing until professional medical care is provided.

Get Certified professional employees:

A worker with proper first aid certification is an asset to any organization. The Catastrophes and fatalities shall be avoided or minimalized with appropriate training sessions undergone by the employees. Professional safety consultants shall be able to educate employees with practical training lessons and certified courses.

First Aid Training at Green World Group:

The best way to value First Aid Training is to enlist the service from a well-experienced safety consultancy. Green World Group contributes various Health and Safety training Courses for working professionals to get high career enhancement in any industry. Our expertise in HSE sectors helps our clients gain comprehensive knowledge on ensuring safety at the workplace.

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