Benefits of Studying NEBOSH IGC

Benefits of Studying NEBOSH IGC

To be successful, you need an Expert’s Guidance, who shows the way to make things happen…!!

Compared with many other occupations, the scope of career opportunities for safety professionals is relatively facing high growth rates. With the best guide and knowledge, you can eventually achieve career growth more quickly.

Where NEBOSH IGC is the most relevant qualification for those who are seeking to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the management of health and safety.

In this article, our Experienced Mentor Mr. Sujith Menon clearly explained the values of studying NEBOSH IGC in Green World.

Green World Group launched its service in 2006 to train safety experts and aspiring students in the field of occupational safety and health.

Green World Group is headquartered in the UK and has been in inception for almost 18 years. We have catered to approximately 77 diverse nationalities in 195 countries in the markets. We very recently achieved our 1600th NEBOSH IGC Batch. This particular event was commemorated by the NEBOSH management team who were present with us here in Dubai.

1600+ Nebosh igc course successful batch

Our Success Journey:

Green World has put through over 54,441 learners just on the NEBOSH IGC qualification alone and had roughly 3,42,771 learners who have studied different health and safety qualifications and successfully certified.

Our pride is in the 16.943 Million panels of training we have delivered, and we proudly can say that we have placed about 4223 professionals globally. So far, our combined results are at an average of 74.3% on all the NEBOSH qualifications.

NEBOSH IGC topper green world group

Green World’s State of the art Virtual Learning:

Green World Group takes pride in being a Gold Learning Partner accredited by NEBOSH. We are the only provider to deliver the training via a virtual platform that gives a real-time learning experience in the comfort of your environment. We use state-of-the-art technology for our learning journey. Our technology is not just the ones that small-time players use; we use technologies used by some of the leading universities in the UK and the US.

Learning Methods

NEBOSH IGC learning methods in green world group

Virtual/Live Training

Green World provides live online training on a technically advanced virtual platform and live session which was led by our expert tutor.

NEBOSH IGC learning methods in green world group


Our Green World online learning program is given using a modern e-learning platform that allows you to fit your studies around your other personal and professional obligations.

NEBOSH IGC learning methods in green world group

In-Company Training

We organized high-quality training worldwide and custom-made courses to address particular demands at your organization’s location.

Why do you have this bundle offer when you do the NEBOSH IGC?

Green World provides you with a bundle of other courses as freebies along with NEBOSH IGC, but these are not just courses that are being offered as certificates, it also adds value to your CV. These courses have been designed by a team of Health and Safety professionals who have been put through different awarding bodies. These awarding bodies in the UK on the US have carefully reviewed every section of the course, which they have seen in the forms of the requirement for you to qualify.

choose right safety courses

Green World’s Freebies Courses along with NEBOSH IGC:

ITOL, UK – Professional in Occupational Safety and Health

The Professional in Occupational Safety and Health Certification from iTOL. The iTOL stands for Institute of Training and Occupational Learning, another UK awarding body that carefully recognizes qualifications. This particular qualification is like a crown jewel in your CV, and it is a UK-based entity recognizing and certifying your skills in Health and Safety.

CPD – Standard Office, UK

1. Train The Trainer

The CPD stands for Continual professional development. It also becomes one of the most mandatory skill sets, focusing on Train the Trainer. It is basically to see how effective you can be as a trainer in your organization.

2. Construction Industry HSE Management Systems & Practitioner Responsibilities

This Construction Industry HSE Management Systems & Practitioner Responsibilities course covers various topics in greater detail like procedures to prevent production interruptions, ways to minimize equipment damage, insurance cost, absence of employees, the legal cost of the accident

3. Disaster Management with Advanced Emergency Response Principles

This Disaster Management with Advanced Emergency Response Principles teaches how to prepare yourself to make sure that everything goes as planned and that you can act in a good state of mind in the event of an emergency.

KHDA Training Courses – First Aid at Work & Fire Safety

The First Aid at Work and Fire Safety course has become a primary requirement for any health and safety practitioner. We offer fire safety and for state certificate from the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority). The regulatory body is based out of Dubai, carefully reviewing the courses and approving them.

IIRSM Approved Courses – Permit to Work

IIRSM approved Training Course from the UK Permit to Work. IIRSM stands for International Institute of Risk & Safety Management. It is a world-class recognition that provides essential skills where you can play a key role, which becomes a part of your HSE responsibility.

CPD Certified Courses – MOC & BBSM

We are also offering CPD Certified Training Courses such as Management of Change in Process Safety (MOC) & Behaviour-Based Safety Management (BBSM). This Course teaches you how a person’s emotional well-being and how a person approaches the health and safety culture can contribute to having lesser accidents at the workplace.

UKAF, UK – Environmental Management & Sustainability

This Environmental Management & Sustainability programmer aims to prepare individuals for such roles in sustainability and environmental management. It provides an understanding of best theories and practices for effective environmental management in the business world, public organizations, and the broader society

Now, all this course put together onto your CV goes from probably raising your career opportunity. We are offering a course not just as a freebie; these qualifications have a value addition that goes along with your NEBOSH IGC.

Green World’s Corporate Training:

As a Certified Gold Learning Partner from NEBOSH, Green World has delivered NEBOSH IGC Qualification Corporate Training to Corporate Employees. First, we recognize them, we go through a rigorous quality check, we have several rounds of approvals, and then we get listed.

Our Quality Clients:

We have delivered qualifications on the NEBOSH IGC.

In Middle-East Region, we have delivered qualifications on the NEBOSH IGC

In India, we have delivered the NEBOSH IGC qualifications for corporates like,

“Make your decision to do the NEBOSH IGC qualification with a certified gold learning partner like Green World.”

Why Green world is a Quality Provider?

Most course providers offer the same qualification with massive or crazy discounts. The NEBOSH takes the initiative to check on how the providers deliver the qualification.

And on that note, there have been providers who have offered all these massive discounts and crazy deals where they have been picked up for malpractice and mal administration on of the examination. The quality gets compromised many a time.

Many learners have contacted us in the past and they came back to us saying that we went on the cost. We look at the discount that we had received and never received any quality-based training.

Now, because of this, many affected learners have come back saying, how can, what can you do to help us? we don’t say no, that’s not the way we, take our learners. We certainly would help and assist them, but this could have been corrected in the first place if you made a wise decision.

“Make sure that you go with the right provider, Call Us..!”

Get all the information you need, look at our quality, and then try to understand why the cost is such. When the quality is good, you have a cost associated with it, and we are more than happy to be part of your learning journey.

“Hire Green World to see you all as a proud GWG learner in the near future”

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