Confined Space and Working at Height In-Company Training

Confined Space and Working at Height In-Company Training

Confined Space & Working at Height Training At AMAZON

Green World delivered an Effective In-company training on the topics of “Confined Space” & “Working at Height” training to the delegates of AMAZON on 19.11.2022. Our highly Experienced tutor, Mr. Hormuz Siodia, made this training more interactive and valuable with complete Client satisfaction.

Confined Space Training

Any area with few accessible points of entry or exit is referred to as a confined space. It is an enclosed structure that creates the situation causing major injuries to humans.

Confined space training provides knowledge about the risks of working in confined spaces, the safe use of tools and equipment, risk management techniques, and emergency plans to eliminate accidents inside the confined space.

Working in confined spaces may increase the risk of hazards such as poisonous fumes, low oxygen levels, or a fire. The proper training helps the employee to minimize the risk by applying the necessary procedures when it is required.

Confined Space and Working at Height

Training Benefits

Through this training, Employees would be familiar with the,

Detection of hazardous substance

Entry/Exit from a Confined space with proper supervision

Necessary Safety Precautions to reduce the risk of inhalation.

Proper Equipment handling techniques to use inside the confined space area.

Suitable Emergency and rescue procedure to manage the potentially dangerous situation.

Work at height Training

Work at height training is suitable for employees working on Construction sites, raised platforms, scaffolds and ladders. While performing the work at height operation, an employee may have a chance to fall from heights and get injured.

This training provides specific skills to reduce accidents and teaches the prevention techniques to perform work safely.

Falling from height continues to be one of the leading causes of fatalities in the workplace. To avoid this condition, Employers must ensure that their employees are safe and have adequate training in compliance with the Work at Height Regulations.

Training Benefits

Upon completion of this training, the employee would be familiar with the

Basic hazards of work at height

Methods of fall protection

Risk assessment when working at height

Safe operation on equipment access

Use of Personnel Protective Equipment

Emergency plan and rescue procedure

In-company Training with Green World

Every organization strives to create a safe working environment. Green World offers In-company training to employees working across various industries. Our Experts training help them to analyze the key risk areas relevant to hazards that your employees may encounter in their work environments.

Working at heights and Confined training enables employers/employees to minimize risk in your Workplace by providing practical knowledge and information. This training makes employees prevent falls from heights and work safely inside the confined space.

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