Working At Height

Working At Height

Working At Height Training To Vanderlande

Green World is delighted with the successful completion of the in-house face-to-face training on Work at height. Thanks to our qualified tutor, Mr. Fasih Ahamed for delivering the topic to our client Vanderlande on Nov 14, 2022. Happy to report that our training is highly regarded for its beneficial and interesting experience.

Working At Height

Work at height training is designed for employees working at a height 4m above /below the ground level, on a raised platform, with scaffolds and ladders that may have a higher chance of tripping or falling and injuring themselves.

This training helps them understand the hazard and risks of working at height and how to prevent falling accidents. It equips the employees with the knowledge and skills to perform work at height operations safely and effectively. It is the responsibility of every employer to take all reasonable steps to safeguard their employees with proper training.

Training Benefits

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

Identify the hazards of working at height.

Recognize the guidelines and requirements for working at height.

Capable of managing risk management to avoid falling.

Use of Personnel protective equipment.

Able to understand the technique of putting safety hardness.

Having the ability to deliver a working-at-height rescue plan.

Who can take this Training?



Construction Workers

Anyone who performs work at a height, whether above or below the ground, must complete training to demonstrate their competence and safety.

Why Green World Group

Green World Group, a well-known HSE consulting and training company, is at the forefront of offering Work at Height Training courses in virtual/live. You can ensure that workers are safe when required to perform work at height activities by attending our training course.

For further details about the course, please call +971 552851440 or +91 8015527650 & Mail us at (or)

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